What is blog? How to earn money from blog? Or What are the ways to earn money from blog?

Definition of blog: A blog is an online personal journal or diary which is updated frequently and allows you to express your personal opinions and preferences to everyone worldwide smoothly and quickly. How to earn money from blog? Actually everybody wants to earn money from home always.  Previously it was not possible. But nowadays it has been possible with the

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What is CPA marketing? CPA marketing vs Affiliate marketing – Which one should be given preference to earn money quickly?

Definition of CPA marketing It can be defined briefly in such a way that CPA (Cost Per Action) or PPA (Pay Per Action) marketing is one kind of affiliate marketing which allows advertisers to pay commission to its affiliates   for specific action done by prospective customers. CPA (Cost Per Action) is also known as CPC (Cost Per Conversion). Besides, CPA

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What is digital marketing? And why it is being discussed worldwide at present?

Marketing is promotional activities on behalf of any product or service which creates buyers for that product or service. And when these actions are done online it is called digital marketing. The world is going to become a digital world within short time. Using of digital content with mobile phone, computer, lap top and more much usage of different devices

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