CSS Hero Review: Customize your WordPress site design Without coding skill

CSS Hero Review: Customize your WordPress site design Without coding skill

CSS Hero is very popular plugin for WordPress site as it helps its users to customize their WordPress site design without knowing CSS. If you are newbie and want to customize your WordPress site design without knowing CSS, then you have come to right place. I mean that if you use this application, you don’t have to write a single line of code for customizing your WordPress theme.

Some most important features of CSS Hero have been mentioned below which made this application different from other plugins:

1.No need to know to write code (No HTML or CSS is required):

If you use this application for WordPress site, you don’t have to write any code to customize your site.

  1. It helps to undo the changes:

As a beginner you may make mistake at the time of changing something on your site. For this reason, CSS Hero gives you chance to undo the changes that you have made on your site.

  1. All changes are kept as additional stylesheet:

When you change anything on your site, then every changes are saved or kept as additional stylesheet. It means that your WordPress theme can be upgraded without worrying about losing any change on your site.

  1. Suitable for all popular WordPress themes and frameworks :

Whether you are designer and developer, you will be benefited equally from this plugin. Because , it is suitable for all popular WordPress themes and frameworks.

  1. It lets you make changes to child theme:

With the help of this plugin, you will be able to make change to child theme and then export it to client’s site to be used.



  1. It saves time:

To change something on your website, it does not take long time. So, if you use CSS Hero on your site, you can save much time for your business.

Only some important features of CSS Hero are mentioned here for your convenience so that you can take right decision easily in this regard before choosing plugin for your site.

How to use CSS Hero for customizing WordPress theme:

First of all, you have to install and active the CSS Hero plugin on your site. Installation and activation of CSS Hero plugin are not difficult. Many videos on how to install a WordPress plugin are  available on YouTube . If you face any problem in this regard, then you can take help from those YouTube videos. Or you may read our another article Installing WordPress Plugin – step by step instructions for Beginners”

CSS Hero is a premium WordPress plugin of which price starts from $29 for a single website or blog.

To get 34%  special discount, you can use CSS Hero coupon code . And if you buy the PRO plan, then the same code can be used to get 40% big discount.

After activation, you would be redirected to get your CSS Hero license key. And then, just follow the on-screen instructions to be redirected back to your site with few clicks.

CSS Hero provides you a WYSIWG (what you see is what you get) interface which allows you to edit your theme. After activation of CSS Hero from now, whenever you will visit your site, you will notice the CSS Hero button on the admin bar of WordPress.
CSS Hero 1By clicking this button, you will be able to convert your site into the live preview and then you can see the CSS Hero toolbar.
CSS Hero 2


Next, if you simply click on any element of your site, then you will be shown the CSS properties by CSS Hero.
CSS Hero 3

These Properties include some common and useful CSS properties for the selected element such as background, typography, borders, spacing etc. Here, you are allowed to click on any element of your website to expand it and then to edit the CSS properties by using user-friendly interface.
CSS Hero 4


When you edit, then it is noticed that custom CSS appears magically below.
CSS Hero 5



If you face trouble of finding royalty free images for your site, then you can use CSS Hero to avoid the problem. Because, a feature named built-in Unsplash integration of CSS Hero allows you to browse, search and use attractive images in your blog’s or website’s design.
CSS Hero 6

CSS Hero   has some ready-made snippets that can be applied on different element of your site. You will get this snippets tab on the left column.
CSS Hero 7


When you edit on your site, CSS Hero saves those changes automatically but do not publish them instantly. In order to apply those changes, you have to click on the save button and finally on publish button.  And then your changes will be published.
CSS Hero 8


How can you Undo the changes on CSS Hero?

One of the most popular and best features of CSS Hero plugin is – it allows you to undo the changes anytime that you made on your site. It keeps each history of all the changes according to time and date that you edit on your theme.
CSS Hero 9



In order to undo, you have to click on the history button of the CSS Hero toolbar where you will get the list of all changes time and date wise made by you. You can change any item or previously edited item again. But, even after re-editing, any item or the previously edited items do not disappear, rather it is saved time and date wise as it was.

But what if you only like to revert changes that you made to specific item?

In this case you don’t have to use the CSS Hero tools. Just click on the item that you like to revert and then finally click on the reset button and nothing else.
CSS Hero 10



Customizing your site for different devices with CSS Hero

Web designer always work hard to customize website for different devices so that your site looks clear equally on all devices like mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop. For this purpose, usually web developers use different tools to test device compatibility. But, if you use CSS Hero plugin, then you don’t have to bother any more in this regard. Because, CSS Hero has a built-in preview tool which allows you to solve the above problem easily.
CSS Hero 11


By watching the preview of device compatibility, now you can easily edit your site as per your demand.


CSS Hero Theme compatibility

The official website of CSS Hero has a big list of compatible themes where many free WordPress themes are enlisted. Besides ,it has many more popular premium themes like   CSSIgniter, Themify, StudioPress etc.


What should you do – if your Themes are not available on Theme compatibility list?

Sometimes theme developer does not follow the WordPress coding standards at the time of developing theme. For this reason, those themes are not included on theme compatibility list. And if not included, then you can’t edit WordPress themes.

So, if you use such theme which is not included on theme compatibility list, then you may use CSS Hero to solve the problem. Because, CSS Hero has a feature named Rocket Mode Auto-detection which allows you to edit on non-hero ready Themes as well. At the time of developing theme, if WordPress coding standards are followed properly then you will be able to edit most of WordPress themes.

So, when you get your theme developed by theme developer, then request him to follow the WordPress coding standards.

Or if you use such a theme which is not possible to be edited then request your theme developer to fix the problem. For your theme developer, it is not very difficult task. I mean that he can solve this problem easily within short time.


If you are not able to solve the problem by your theme developer, then you may use this CSS Hero plugin to get instant result.

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