Envira Gallery Review: The best free WordPress gallery plugin

Envira Gallery Review: The best free WordPress gallery plugin

Envira Gallery is one of the  best, most popular and well-known  WordPress gallery plugin of the official WordPress apps or plugin repository . By this time, it has been installed by more than 100,000 websites. If you are looking for a plugin for adding responsive galleries on your WordPress site, then you may choose this plugin for your site since the default WordPress image gallery has no any effective functionality. The default WordPress image gallery is not able to keep the gallery and images responsive on mobile phones and is not able to open those in light-box popup, is not able to display those as slideshow and so on. So, Envira Gallery can help you a lot in this regard effectively.

At present not only phot bloggers need gallery plugin for WordPress but also other bloggers like food bloggers, fitness bloggers, travel bloggers and so on need it to upload images. For this reason , the demand of gallery plugin for WordPress  like Envira Gallery is increasing rapidly worldwide.

Envira Gallery  is such a powerful WordPress gallery plugin which allows you to build responsive photo and video gallery within a minute for your site.  It makes adding your gallery to any WordPress page, post or sidebar widget easy. Loading time of Envira Gallery   is faster than that of other plugins.

This WordPress gallery plugin or Envira Gallery plugin  is available as free and premium version . In general, free version includes basic features and premium version includes advanced features.

Download Free Version » View Full Version »

Though the premium version gives more facilities than free version, it is noticed that the features of free version are able to fulfill the most of the requirements of users. That is why, if you are not serious blogger then you don’t have to buy premium version. Since the free version has some powerful features, it is being downloaded by many bloggers worldwide always.



It should be mentioned here that  Envira Gallery plugin  has come with different packages. Keeping the common and basic features in all versions, it offers several add-ons (more than 25 add-ons) with different advanced features like watermarking, social sharing, importing images from multiple web platforms and many more.  These add-ons can be installed and uninstalled as per your requirements. Besides, Envira Gallery has been developed as SEO friendly and mobile friendly as well – it means that it works with all mobile devices.


The basic and most advanced features that make this plugin different from others are mentioned below:


Beautiful photo albums can be created with Album add-on. You may use your images galleries to add the photo albums to WordPress.

  1. Custom CSS:

This add-on helps you to make your image galleries beautiful.

  1. Deeplinking:

This add-on helps to add the indexable URLs for search engine which is good for SEO.

  1. Defaults:

If you install this Defaults add-ons, your default image gallery and add-ons setting will be saved automatically. After creating an image gallery with Envira, you don’t have to add the setting each time.

  1. Dropbox Importer : Dropbox Importer add-on helps you to bring newly added photos form Dropbox account into image gallery or Envira Gallery of WordPress .
  2. Dynamic: You can create image galleries from the images of WordPress by the help of Dynamic add-on. In order to do this that you have to do is –just add the shortcode, image IDs, tags and so on to your post and nothing else.
  3. EXIF: EXIF metadata of the photos of your image gallery and light-box view can be shared by the help of EXIF add-on. Camera Model, shutter speed, aperture and many more are available in the EXIF metadata.
  4. Full screen: After installation of Full screen add-on, you will be empowered to view image on any large screen.

9.Gallery Themes:

If you install this Gallery Themes add-on, you will be given the access to more than 5 image galleries to make the photo gallery noticeable.

  1. Image Proofing:

The add-on named Image Proofing helps your customers to select their favorite images so that they can proof the size and quantity to order those from your site.


  1. Instagram importer:

Instagram importer add-on allows to import images (the image that you liked on Instagram) from Instagram account.

12 Lightroom Integration:                                                                                    Lightroom add-on allows you to Combine Adobe Lightroom with WordPress site.

  1. NextGEN importer :

NextGEN importer addon helps you to import image gallery from  NextGEN gallery to Envira Gallery .

  1. Pagination:

Pagination add-on allows you to divide large image gallery into many pages. It will enable you to organize your thousands of photos and speed up the loading time of image gallery.

  1. Password protection: Password protection add-on enables you to protect image gallery from unauthorized access.
  2. Pinterest Icon: This add-on helps you to add Pinterest Pin It button to photos or images.
  3. Protection: This add-on makes the right click inactive and disables image download option from image gallery.
  4. Slideshow: This add-on enables you to create image slideshow at the lightbox view of image gallery. It also helps you to move your images by the help of keyboard navigation and or helps to run auto-play option.
  5. Social sharing:

This plugin allows to add different social sharing icons to image gallery. By the help of social sharing add-on, you will be able to add Twitter, Facebook and many more social media button to your images in WordPress.

  1. Standalone: Standalone add-on can make unique URLs for your photo album and image gallery so that those can open in dedicated pages.
  2. Supersize:

Supersize add-on is able to adjust image of any size surprisingly on any screen.

  1. Tags:

Tag add-on enables you to add custom tags to images. It helps to show the tags above the image galleries. As a result, you can view the images clicking on the tags.

  1. Videos:

This add-on enables you to add video galleries to WordPress. By installing this add-on, you will be able to add Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia and even self-hosted videos to gallery.


Watermarking add-on enables you to add watermark to image gallery in full-size.

  1. WooCommerce Integration:

This WooCommerce add-on enables you to combine WooCommerce platform with Envira Gallery  to  develop  photo or image selling website where  photos are sold online .

  1. ZIP Importer:

ZIP Importer add-on enables you to bring images or photos from ZIP file to image gallery of WordPress so that you can zip thousands of images   and upload them. This add-on extracts the photos form zip files for creating image gallery.

Setting up Envira Gallery

In order to start setting up Envira Gallery , first of all you have to install and active the Envira Gallery WordPress plugin. Upon activation of the plugin, a new tab of Envira Gallery will be found in the WordPress admin sidebar.

If you want to know how to install WordPress Plugin, then you may read the article below

“Installing WordPress Plugin – step by step instructions for Beginners”

Visit the Envira Gallery » Add New page to create your image gallery.


You need to drag and drop your images in the image section. If you would like to update the meta data for your photos or images, then you have to click the (i) icon of each image independently.

ENVIRA GALLERY 3After  adding the images and meta information , you need to go to tab namedconfig”  from  Envira Gallery  settings  . Any settings can be changed as per your requirement.


Here, you will find more other settings such as lightbox, thumbnails, mobile and misc. All functionalities of these settings can be changed (enabled or disabled) as per your requirements.


After completion of all settings, you need to click the publish button. And then you will find a popup with shortcode that can be added to your posts or pages to show the image gallery.

How to create Albums?

If you would like to create photo album in WordPress , you will need  Albums  add-on of  Envira Gallery . Upon activating this add-on, go forward to add image gallery to the album.



The setting procedures of the albums are like the setting procedures of image gallery. To show the albums in WordPress, you have to click the publish button and then you have to copy the shortcode from dialogue box and paste it in posts or pages.

Price structure

Since the  Price structure of different  versions of Envira Gallery  plugin fluctuates now and then,  Price structure has not been mentioned in this article. So, in order to know the present Price structure, click the button or link below.

Price structure


As a plugin  Envira Gallery is the most popular plugin to most of the bloggers. If you have any confusion about this WordPress gallery plugin, then you may use its Free Version to be sure about its popularity. After using the Free Version, if you think that this WordPress gallery plugin can fulfil your requirement, then you can upgrade the Free Version to paid or premium version.

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