In other Grammarly review which you never found before

In other Grammarly review which you never found before

Grammarly review: Before going to the main discussion, you should know that – what is Grammarly? Actually, Grammarly or Grammarly app is the best and most popular grammar checking application in the online world. A lot of WordPress plugins and different online tools are available online which help the users to check grammatical errors and to improve their writing quality. But, Out of those tools, Grammarly plugin is the best grammar checker application. And many bloggers are using it worldwide. In this review, I have presented the ins and outs of Grammarly which you never found before in other Grammarly review.

You will get a lot of Grammarly reviews online, but most of them don’t have sufficient information. In this Grammarly review, you will get a lot of information that will be more than enough for you.

It helps its users to avoid the grammatical and spelling mistakes in their writing.  This plugin checks grammar and spelling mistakes automatically when you write and highlight the mistakes. Because of these powerful features of this plugin, you can easily find out the errors and fix those quickly.

Grammarly price packages( or how much does Grammarly cost?)


Here, you will get an idea about Grammarly price packages. This best grammar checker app has two types of packages like free and paid packages. Paid package has more features than that of free package. And paid Grammarly cost a very nominal amount of money compared to its multipurpose usage.

I have described these two types of packages in this Grammarly review in a nutshell for your convenience –

  1. Grammarly Free package (Grammarly free trial):

In the internet world, a question is always asked that is Grammarly free, or is Grammarly free for students?

Yes, It has a free package for all. But free package allows to you use some basic features.

With a Free package, you will be able to fix several problems like punctuation, critical grammar, and spelling mistakes.

Yes, students can get the facility to use it as free if their educational institutes buy any paid package.

  1. Grammarly premium price (paid):

Grammarly premium price plans have more powerful features than that of free edition like advanced sentence structures checker, grammatical rules checker, plagiarism checker and many more to improve your writing quality instantly.

In near future, I have a plan to write another Grammarly review with the features of Grammarly premium price plans in detail.

How to install Grammarly plugin or Extension on your Web Browser

has been described in this grammarly review as well.


If you like to use this plugin with WordPress, then you have to install their browser extension which is totally free for all popular and major browsers. The good side of the Grammarly browser extension is that it works on all websites equally. You can get its instant proof-reading service for various purposes like social media posts, Google Docs, Slack, emails, and many more.

If you like to install this extension, then you have to visit the Official website of Grammarly. And your browser would be detected by it automatically and it will show you a button named Add to Chrome which you have to use to add the extension.

Grammarly 1

In order to start, you have to click on this button and properly follow the instruction as indicated on the screen. Upon completion of the process, you will see added Grammarly icon on your browser. And after clicking on the icon, a small popup with a ‘sign up’ button will appear on the screen. And now click on the button in order to start the setup procedure.

Grammarly 2


To create a Grammarly account, a new tab will appear on your browser. Anyone can create a Grammarly account with an email address or with Google or Facebook account.


Grammarly 3

And now you have to enter a password and your name. And then- to continue, click the ‘Sign Up’ button.


Grammarly 4


Here, this plugin will ask you two questions like – why do you write? And – what level of writing efficiency do you have? You can answer to these questions or skip these steps.

Grammarly 5



In the next step, you will be asked to choose anyone out of two packages. You can choose a free account or premium plan.

Grammarly 6

With the help of free version, critical grammatical errors, basic punctuation, and spelling errors can be fixed easily.

On the other hand, premium version includes several advanced level of features.

If you choose the free version as grammar and spelling checker, then it will send you to the Grammarly account page.

Grammarly 7


But, in order to use the premium version, you have to complete a process. After completion of the signup process, Grammarly browser extension will begin working on WordPress post editor and on any web-based text field.

Note: You can read our another article titled “About WPForms what you never knew before”.

How to Check Grammar and Spelling mistake on WordPress?

Since you have been able to add this extension to your browser by this time, from now on it will give you writing & proofreading suggestion in real-time on WordPress post editor. It also helps you to detect spelling and grammatical mistakes. This extension is very easy to use. Just open the WordPress post editor and commence writing with the suggestion of this extension. It can work with both the new Gutenberg block editor and the old classic editor equally.

Grammarly 8


In the above screenshot, you will notice that red underline indicates for critical writing errors. And you are watching the total number of critical errors in a red circled area and Grammarly icon on each text block. Now to get the suggestion for correction, just click on the underlined word.

Grammarly 9


Click the suggested word in the green color if you like to accept the suggestion. And if you like to keep your sentence as it is, then click the ‘Ignore’ icon. If you advance in this way, then Grammarly’s suggestion will disappear gradually.

At the bottom, an option named “See more in Grammarly” is noticed. If you click on that, a new Grammarly window will open where many more suggestions are available for your paragraph.

Grammarly 10

In the above screenshot, you can see that critical writing errors are underlined with red color and advanced issues are highlighted or underlined with yellow color.

By clicking the underlined word or phrase, you will be able to examine the suggestions. Upon reviewing all the suggestions, you may click on the ‘Back to Edit Post’ icon. Doing so, you will go back to the WordPress post editor to fix the errors.

Grammarly 11


Upon proofreading the article, now you can go forward to save all the changes.

Some other ways to use Grammarly

The Grammarly browser extension makes your life easy to fix your spelling, writing and grammatical mistakes on WordPress editor. But, there are some other ways to use this plugin, too.

Other ways of using Grammarly are also presented in this Grammarly review –

1.Using Grammarly plugin as Web Application:

This application has a feature named Web Application that you can open on your browser. It provides a platform where you are able to write or upload document. To use this facility, you have to open on your browser and have to log into your account and then have to go to your dashboard where you can create a new document or upload any document from your laptop or pc.

Grammarly 12

Using the cloud version of Grammarly, you will be able to write and proofread as you can on other browser extensions.

Grammarly 13

Upon completion of editing, you will get scope to copy and paste your article on WordPress post editor.


  1. Using Grammarly plugin as Microsoft office Add-in or Desktop app:

If you prefer writing in Microsoft office to WordPress post editor, in this regard this plugin also gives you a facility named Grammarly Microsoft Office add-in which allows you to create great content. To get this facility, you have to install a desktop app on your PC or laptop.

Grammarly 14

This application allows you to install both the desktop app and Microsoft Office add-in from your Grammarly web app. Once you are able to install, you just need to log into your account and nothing else. From now on, you just use it like other platforms.

I hope that this Grammarly review article will be helpful for you to check grammatical and spelling mistakes and fix those easily with Grammarly plugin. If you have any question regarding this Grammarly review then leave the question in the comment box. I will try to give you reply at a convenient time later on.


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