MonsterInsights Review: The best google analytical plugin for WordPress

MonsterInsights Review: The best google analytical plugin for WordPress

MonsterInsights is considered as the best and most popular google analytical plugin for WordPress. It is more than 34 million times downloaded and installed by more than 2 million users worldwide.

It lets its users set up analytics on their sites within few minutes with few clicks. It also allows you to watch the performance of your site closely at a glance. You can easily watch on your WordPress dashboard – how visitors from different part of the world are coming to your site and using it. By using this application, you can easily and promptly increase your visitors and keep them coming back to your site again and again.

Most of the websites are created with a specific goal which is to make money. To make more and more money, a site needs to be visited by target customers that is not possible in this competitive online world if you don’t use any effective and powerful plugin or application for your site. MonsterInsights is created as a powerful, effective and user-friendly software which helps its users to analyze their sites based on traffic sources and visitors’ behavior so that users can understand that – what is working and what is wasting their time in vain.

Instead of using Google Analytics you can use MonsterInsights since it has been created as alternative to Google Analytics. MonsterInsights is more powerful and user-friendly Google Analytics plugin than Google Analytics. Because of some complicated features of Google Analytics, it (Google Analytics) has not been able to be popular worldwide. That is why the demand of this plugin is increasing worldwide quickly.  The stats that you get through MonsterInsights are very important for your business. Because, by using these data you will be able to understand visitors such as how your visitors find your site or contents and how your traffics interact with your contents. It also allows you to create data-driven content strategy to increase web traffics.

The features that made MonsterInsights popular worldwide are mentioned below:



  1. Easy and quick setup:

If you are not tech savvy, it will be little bit difficult for you to set up Google Analytics on your site. But, you can set up Google Analytics with MonsterInsights on your website easily within five minutes.

  1. Real-time stats:

In every business, getting the analytical data as per your requirement is very important. If you use MonsterInsights Google Analytics tracking, you can get real time stats without any difficulty which will allow you to watch the performance of your site instantly. You don’t have to wait to see for next day whether your plan is working or not as per expectation.

3.It can track your popular post:

Which of your posts are drawing the attention of visitors most? It can be easily tracked by this application. With MonsterInsights, you can get clear idea about your site instantly –what is working better or what is wasting time in vain.

  1. It tracks file downloading:

This plugin not only allows to measure the visitors of your site but also allows you to keep tracking file downloading which is not possible with Google Analytics.

  1. Ecommerce tracking:

MonsterInsights Ecommerce Tracking allows to get all important data that you need on your Easy Digital Download store or WooCommerce site. Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking can be integrated easily with WordPress stores with just few clicks.

  1. It can track ads:

You can easily track the performance of the banner ads; it means that how many clicks each banner ad is getting individually.

7.It tracks referral and link

This plugin helps you to watch – from where your traffics are coming and what links are being clicked by them.

MonsterInsights Dashboard and its Settings have been mentioned below for your convenience:
MonsterInsights 1

MonsterInsights 2

MonsterInsights 3

You can setup this plugin on your site within few minutes.

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Authority of MonsterInsights offers 100% money-back guarantee for this plugin if it’s any client does not find any positive result with this application within 14 days from the date of buying.

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For the above features, MonsterInsights is used by lot of website owners worldwide and these features also made this plugin different form others. Thank a lot for reading this article with patience. If this article has been able to help you a bit, then share it with your friends on different social medias. Besides, if you have any query in this regard, then ask me without any hesitation. I will try to give answer later on.

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