Some common and important freelancing services of Fiverr for its clients

Some common and important freelancing services of Fiverr for its clients

In this article I am going to discuss about some common and important freelancing services of Fiverr for clients. Before going to discuss detail about this topic, we should know –what is Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the renowned freelancing marketplaces where several kinds of freelancing digital services are available at reasonable price. Due to this reasonable prices of services of skilled freelancers, reputation of this marketplace is spreading promptly all over the world.

Fiverr is such a freelancing marketplace which has been able to bring large number of clients and skilled freelancers in a single platform from different parts of the world to achieve their respective goals. Both freelancers and its clients can communicate with each others and fix the service price as per specification through this platform easily from any part of the world.

Since more than three million different services are available on Fiverr, most of the buyers never go back with empty hand from this marketplace if once they sign in here. Besides, most of the buyers come here to get their respective jobs done by skilled freelances at low price with high quality.

It is very difficult to discuss about all services of Fiverr in a single article. That’s why, I am going to discuss regarding only some common and important freelancing services of Fiverr in this article. And I think, you can find out rest of the services by searching in search box of Fiverr.

Some common and important freelancing services of Fiverr for clients are mentioned below with brief description:

  1. Graphics Design

Different types of graphics design related services are available here like Logo design, Business cards, T-shirt design and so on

Some graphics design related services are mentioned below-

             Logo design service:

Any kind of logo design can be completed thorough Fiverr at low price. You can get your logo designed by skilled freelancer within short time easily even at $5 which is not possible in tradition markets and on other freelancing marketplaces.

            Designing of business cards:

An eye catching Business card can influence the clients of any business always. For this reason, it is very important for any business. You can easily get your business card designed by experienced freelancers at reasonable price from innumerable options through fiverr.

            T-shirt design service:

You can get T-shirt designed for your company’s employees or for any campaign through Fiverr.

            Changing background of pictures or photos:

If you want to change background of your any photo or picture then you can get it edited form Fiverr at nominal price.

            Designing of Book covers:

Large number of experienced graphic designers are always available on Fiverr. As a buyer you can easily get your 2D or 3D E-Book cover, video cover, album cover and many more created by them at lower price.

            Designing of good quality leaflet:

In order to promote business or product or sevices, sometimes importance to be given on good quality leaflets. You can get those designed by skilled designers through Fiverr at cheap price quickly.


  1. Business services

Different kinds of business services are seen on Fiverr, such as Virtual business assistants, legal consultant, market researcher or analyzer and many more.

               Virtual business assistant:

You can hire virtual business assistant for your own business through Fiverr who will assist you to save your time. You can get your routine work done by this assistant from anywhere of the world. For example, you can make your virtual assistant create client list of your business daily or make them work as customer care assistant or make them write  email for you and many more those are not possible to be presented in this article in a nutshell.

               Legal consultant:

Legal consultant can be hired here for business who will assist you on several legal issues regarding your business from any corner of the world.

               Market researcher:

Market research is very important to expand any online business or to survive in competitive online business world, but it is very expensive and time consuming matter. For this reason most of the businessman don’t want to spent money in this regard. But, if you hire market researcher from Fiverr then you don’t have to spend much money and you can save your time which you can utilize for another more important affair.

3. Mobile Apps:

Any kind of apps can be developed by skilled apps developers through Fiverr from anywhere at reasonable price.

  1. Website conversion services:

A large number of buyers come here only to convert their websites into mobile apps. There are many skilled website converter freelancers on Fiverr. You can also get your websites converted into mobile apps by them through Fiverr at affordable prices.

  1. SEO auditing services:

SEO auditing is very important for any website. By the help of SEO audit report you will be able to know about the SEO status of your site easily. You can get your site audited by SEO experts at cheap price through Fiverr.

  1. Proofreading and editing:

Proofreading and editing are always difficult and time consuming matter. For this reason many people come here to get it done by skilled Proofreaders or editors. As a buyer you also can take this opportunities from Fiverr.

  1. Social media services:

In order to drive large number of traffics to your own website you can take help from Fiverr. Innumerable freelancers are available on fiverr only to provide social media services. By using different social medias they drive targeted traffics to buyers’ website at reasonable price. If you like to enjoy these services of Fiverr then don’t make late anymore and go to create buyer account at once and save your time & money. Hurry up!

  1. Hiring Article writer:

If you are blogger, you have to write article for your blog-site regularly. Otherwise you can’t get your site ranked on google. But, it is known to all that writing article regularly is really difficult and time consuming matter. For this reason, many bloggers come here regularly to get their articles written by professional article writers at reasonable price. So, if you are blogger, you should take this opportunity and save your time for chalking out another important plan.

  1. Key word research:

Key word research is always important matter for any blogger to rank their sites on google and it is little bit troublesome task and takes much time. So, to save your time you can have it done by SEO experts through Fiverr.

  1. Hiring web developer:

At present to start web based business or non-web based business, you will need website or blogsite. Otherwise, you will never succeed in business in this competitive age. Although few people can develop their own website themselves, developing a website or blogsite is not so easy. If you have no proficiency of developing  website or blogsite enough  then you can have your site developed by experienced web developers who are always available on Fiverr to provide you service in this regard at reasonable price.

  1. Product review:

Now a day most of the customers purchase products or services after reading reviews from users. In order to increase sales volume of your products or services, you can get the Product reviews written by experienced professional review writes for your particular product or service.

  1. Animation services:

If you want to have any animation service like animated videos, cinemas, cartoons, ads, logos or anything else based on animation then you should go to Fiverr to get your task done by professional freelancers at reasonable price.

  1. Email Marketing:

At present the power of email marketing can’t be ignored. Because it is the only media by which you can reach a large number of targeted traffics at a time within a second easily with your services or products. Now a question may be raised in you that from where will you collect targeted email address list? Yes, there are innumerable freelances waiting on Fiverr only to collect targeted email list for your business at very reasonable price.

  1. Data entry services:

Large number of data entry freelances are available on Fiverr who provide data entry services on different type of data entries, such as video data entry, image data entry, logistics data entry, accounting data entry, e-commerce data entry, products data entry, services data entry, legal data entry, yellow pages & white pages data entry, Offline & online data entry, Excel & word data entry, PDF & PowerPoint data entry and so on. It is known to all that data entry is time consuming and expensive matter in any business organization. So, if you like to have those works done at cheap rate by freelancers then you can hire data entry freelances from Fiverr easily anytime.

  1. Back links for your website:

In order to collect back links, you can hire freelancer from Fiverr who will collect back links for your website. As a result you will be able to get your site ranked on google quickly.

  1. Video editing:

You can also have your videos edited by professional video editors through fiverr.

  1. Video intro & outro:

Video intro & outro are very important for any YouTube video. You can have those done from Fiverr.


And many more services are available on Fiverr for their clients which are not possible to be included in this short article. If you are interested about more services of Fiverr then you are suggested here to find out those services by searching in search box of Fiverr where you will get more much services with those you are not familiar earlier.

Thanks a lot for reading this article. If you have any query in this regard, please don’t hesitate to ask me question in comment box. And if you like this article then share it with your nearest & dearest ones and friends on different social medias.

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