Top 5 smart ways of earning money on YouTube

Top 5 smart ways of earning money on YouTube
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YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the internet world. It is still easiest way of earning lot of money from home. In spite of having a lot of knowledge about YouTube most of the You Tube users don’t know that how to make money from their uploaded videos and how many ways are open to earn money on YouTube.



Are you a new You Tuber? No problem, In this article I will show you the Top 5 smart ways of earning money from YouTube

  1. Becoming a Partner with YouTube money can be earned

If you have a You Tube channel then you will be able to earn money in this way. It is one of the best ways to make lot of money with YouTube channel. After creating a You Tube channel you will need to create more and more unique videos those have to be uploaded on your channel and then try to bring large number to visitors to videos by following You Tube guidelines. Whenever you will get 10000 views in your channel then you will be allowed to apply for YouTube Partnership account. After getting approval from You Tube authority you can commence earning with your YouTube channel.  More you bring traffic to your channel more you earn by your channel.

  1. Money can be earned by Sponsor Ads

Sponsor ad is another best sources of income by YouTube. When your channel would be popular and have lot of subscribers & visitors money can be earned by sponsor ads on YouTube channel. Suppose, you have a YouTube channel about hotel or university then many hotels or universities will give you offer to put their links or any information on your videos. For that you will be paid as per you tubes rules.

  1. Money can be earned by sponsor video

This is another way easier way to make money with You Tube. If your created channel on specific niche has large number of visitors then you have enough scope to get money from YouTube. Suppose you have a hotel related channel and you have satisfactory number of viewers and subscribers, in that case you can get offer from many hotels to upload their specific video on your channel or you can give them same offer. If any proposal is accepted by them then you would get money monthly for uploading their video on your channel.

  1. Money can be earned on You Tube by affiliate marketing

By this time it is proved that YouTube is suitable as affiliate marketing platform as well where you can promote your affiliate products or services easily and promptly by video or submission affiliate links on videos and in description box. People watch video on YouTube for entertainment and information and to acquire knowledge. YouTube is such a virtual place where you can get an uncountable number of target traffics. So if you want to make money by affiliate marketing on You Tube you need to create good quality videos for your target traffics. Whenever those traffics will visit your video and click on your affiliate link and buy something then you will earn money.

  1. Money can be earned by promoting your own products or services

Your own products and services can be promoted easily and quickly on YouTube as well. Suppose, you have a blog. In that case you can easily promote your blog link on your videos or if you have apparel business or e-commerce business you can promote your business on You Tube and earn much money. It is very simple -Just give your contact information or website/blog site link on your videos and in its description box and nothing else.

At end of the discussion I am suggesting you that – always try to give importance on your subscribers, video quality and good viewers. So, If you like to be successful On YouTube first of all you should focus on video quality and YouTube video marketing. Thanks a lot for reading this article. If you like this article please don’t forget to share it on social media and if you have any batter suggestion in this regard please don’t hesitate to advise me.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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