What is digital marketing? And why it is being discussed worldwide extensively at present?

What is digital marketing? And why it is being  discussed worldwide extensively at present?
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Do you know – what is digital marketing ? If you don’t know, then I am giving you the simple definition of digital marketing.  Marketing is promotional activities on behalf of any product or service which creates buyers for that product or service. And when these actions are done online,it is called digital marketing.

The world is going to become a digital world within short time. Using of digital content with mobile phone, computer, lap top and more much usage of different devices have become the daily habit of people and most of the businesses organization are still not able to feel its necessity in their marketing strategy. Actually digital marketing is much faster, versatile and realistic than other marketing strategy. It also brings equal benefits to both the consumer and the marketer. So, with the change of the era, a lot of changes are noticed in marketing. Digital marketing is such a marketing process of which activities are done through internet technology.

Digital marketing is one of the best marketing strategies which delivers any kind of information to consumers at any time and can receive feed-backs from their customers frequently.  Suppose electronic media – television is one-way media. Through this device it is impossible to be informed regarding demand of consumers instantly. Digital marketing is the only method that can reach buyers and consumers always. And their opinions about their brand and products or services are known directly.

Why it is being discussed worldwide at present?

Firstly, digital marketing is more affordable than traditional offline marketing methods. It costs much less than TV ads or newspaper ads. Besides, digital marketing can reach out to many potential buyers in any part of the world quickly.

Every step of the digital marketing and stage you can measure. Which digital media is how much suitable for you? How many people are joining your site daily? How many likes you are getting daily? How many people are visiting your website? etc – every activities are measurable. If you are not on the Website, how do you expect that you will find prospective buyers! If you have excellent content or excellent product galleries or excellent product reviews on internet, people will consider you as an expert. If you keep communication with your customers and potential customers through social media regularly, you can build trust between them and then they will come to you instead of your competitors.

Online statistics show that 92% of the business organizations those are blogging to get new subscribers, about 100% leads come from social media and almost 77% of businesses organizations get their new subscribers from Facebook. Remember your customers spend most of their time online and this number is increasing day by day.

In digital marketing, you have huge scopes to take new strategies always that will always keep you forward from your competitors. You have to do something new always that your competitors did not think about before. In online world you have lot of scopes to do something for your business directly and promptly which is not possible in offline world. You can apply your creative idea in your business easily.

In this article I try to discuss about the importance of Digital Marketing. At present as a business man you can’t avoid the necessity of Digital Marketing. It is said that the people those have involved themselves in digital marketing for their business by this time,will lead the online business world in future. And it is true.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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