How to start Freelancing as career – Follow 12 steps

How to start Freelancing as career – Follow 12 steps
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At present the word freelancing is well-known to all. The people those are interested in this regard, most of them want to take freelancing as career and maximum of them get unsuccessful in this regard because of unavailability of right information. Before starting freelancing first of all you should know what is freelancing? Only Knowing the definition of freelancing is not enough to commence freelancing but you should have a deep knowledge about different freelancing  market places. However, now I am going to discuss here – how to start Freelancing as career step by step.

Before starting discussion first of all here I will try to give definition of freelancing.

What is Freelancing?

Not being led by others working independently is called freelancing. As a job it is so flexible because it may be a full time or part time job. In this sector employee can set his own working hours as per his choice. When a freelancer is offered a job, he can negotiate with clients professionally and work like an independent contractor and take any decision freely in this regard. Two type of freelancers are seen in different market places, such as short time freelancer and longtime freelancer. At a time freelancer can work for more than one clients.

Some advantages of freelancing are mentioned below which made this career different from others occupations:

1.Freedom of work in Freelancing world : 

In freelancing career you can work independently. As a freelancer you have lot of scopes to choose your client out of many clients with whom you want to work and also you have scope to choose the project on which you are interested to work. In order to earn money by this career you do not have to stay in any office but you can earn money from anywhere of the world. It may be your bed room, coffee shop, any remote place or anywhere else.     

2. Autonomy:

In this occupation works are completely autonomous, because here you are not tied to any organization nor have any higher boss. As a result you have control over your own time. You are absolutely free to choose when to work and when not to and how long you have to work.     

3.Balanced work-life:

Since you can work from anywhere of the world, you can enjoy balanced work-life. Here you will be able to spend much more time with your family, nearest & dearest ones, friends or anybody else without any mental pressure.   

4.Higher income but less expenses:

If you think that you are ill paid, you can change your work rate in Freelancing world any time independently by negotiating with buys. You don’t have to explain in this regard to higher authority as you have no any boss in this sector. As a freelancer you have lot of scopes to save money such as – since you are not to go to office, you can save the conveyance expanses to office, you don’t have to buy expensive dress for office and don’t have to spend any money for expensive lunches at office.     

5.Scope of gathering experience from different aspects:

In order to be successful freelancer have to work hard regularly. On the way to your goal you will get a lot of scopes to gather different experiences from different aspects. To be successful in this track sometimes you have to act as salesperson, administrator, book-keeps, project manager or anything else. Day by day in this way you will gather several experiences.

6.No higher boss:

You are the emperor in your own world and you have no any higher boss above you in this sector. No one can raise any question against your decisions.   

7.Scope of proving yourself:

In freelancing market both you and client get opportunity to prove yourself.   

8.So easy to start:

To start freelancing is very easy. Don’t be anxious about it. You can start it anytime from anywhere .To find client you can use your own network. You will be able to find client easily if you have any portfolio website or LinkedIn profile.


In order to start freelancing as career you should follow some (12) steps those are mentioned bellow:


  1. Select your goals
  2. Chalk out your plan for next six months
  3. Pick a profitable Niche

( There are lot of tracks in freelancing market place by which you can build up career such as data entry, graphic design, web design, article writing, social media marketing, email marketing , digital marketing, SEO, auto cad , video editing, online teaching, affiliate marketing and so on . Out of those tracks you have to gather skill on any one to two or three subjects to be successful in freelancing career)


  1. Identify your real clients
  2. Take pricing strategy for your services
  3. Create a top quality portfolio website.
  4. Some exemplary contents should be kept in your portfolio site.
  5. Your first client to be chosen thoughtfully and carefully
  6. Potential clients and URLs to be mentioned in your content
  7. Learn how to build up yourself.
  8. Try to separate some times daily for freelancing business
  9. Keep faith on yourself.


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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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