How to become SEO specialist : How to start SEO agency

How to become SEO specialist : How to start SEO agency
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How to start SEO agency: Without having any knowledge in any subject, none can be an expert in that subject and similarly without having deep practical knowledge in SEO, you cannot become an SEO specialist (search engine marketing specialists ) and will never be able to start an SEO agency( search engine optimization company  ). SEO (Search engine optimization) is a bunch of digital marketing techniques by which web/search rank of your website or blog can be improved in different search engines. Nowadays, Importance of SEO is increasing promptly and traditional marketing strategies are being defeated by digital marketing strategies all over the world. The dominance of digital marketing is increasing rapidly worldwide.

As a result, people are being more attentive to Search Engine Optimization than before day by day to promote their products or services. And that’s why countless SEO agencies ( search marketing agencies ) are expanding promptly worldwide in order to meet the demand of uncountable number of small business owners or corporate business clients. At present most of the business owners have website and they always knock at the door of SEO service providers only to get their sites ranked at any cost although it costs nominal amount of money compared to the cost of traditional marketing. Since it is thought that digital marketing company will dominate the marketing world in near future, at present the planning of establishing search engine optimization company to earn much money quickly is a right decision.

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Before going to main discussion, we should have elementary idea on SEO and SEO agency. Please, read the following two paragraphs to get basic idea about SEO and SEO agency before going to read the article in detail. I think, it would be very helpful for beginners to chalk out a good plan in this regard.

Definition of SEO:

To show a blog or website on the front page of several search engines, the strategies that are adopted is called SEO.

Concept of SEO agency:

The companies that are established, only to get your site ranked on the first page of different search engines are familiar to us as SEO agency or search marketing agencies. They are giving these services for money. At present, SEO service companies are earning lot of money. For this reason, most of the search engine marketing expert have a desire of establishing digital marketing company for making money fast. It should be mentioned here that being a search engine marketing expert and establishing an SEO service company are two different things.

Today I am going to discuss about – how to prepare oneself as an SEO specialist for stating an SEO agency? And then I will present that how to start an SEO agency without investing huge amount of money.

It should be mentioned here that before preparing yourself as an SEO specialist , first of all you should have little bit proficiency on three different subjects those are mentioned below –

Science: You should have little bit skill on writing code for blog site or website.

Arts: You should have enough writing skill in English or any other language.

Commerce: You should have better ability of understanding visitors or traffics mentality so that right marketing strategy can be applied for specific business.

If you are proficient in any two subjects of above three, then you can take help from anybody else for another one to take SEO as profession or business.

Actually day by day SEO technics are getting more difficult. If you don’t have writing ability specially in English and you don’t understand market and visitors’ nature, it would be difficult for you to be search engine marketing specialists.

If you have above skills then in order to prepare yourself as an SEO specialist within a short time, you may follow the following steps that will help you to run an SEO agency at minimum investment in future:

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1 . Put attention on analyzing and finding out right Keywords:

To be a successful SEO specialist, you should have enough knowledge of analyzing and finding out right Keywords that most of the people search for specific services or products. Try to be habituated to work with PPC (pay per click) sites like Google AdWords and Bing Ads so that you can understand that – what type of terms are attracting the users’ attention most in search engine and paid advertising.

2 . Develop your SEO friendly writing skill:

To be SEO specialist, you have to develop your writing skill. And you have to know – how to write SEO friendly content. SEO friendly content means –you have to distribute the keywords in your article as per instructions of Google algorithms.

3 . Different analytic programs:

Try to be habituated of using different analytic programs like Google Analytics and similar website analytic tools to measure the improvement of sites that will help you to become an SEO specialist within short time.

4 .  Meta tags and meta descriptions:

Meta tags and meta descriptions are very important for SEO. Meta tags present similar products or services during searching.  SEO specialists should know how to write quality meta tags and meta descriptions which appear in the search results. Meta tags should be written with keywords and language of meta descriptions should be alluring.

5 .  Making a checklist for monitoring website:

An experienced SEO specialist always make a checklist for monitoring website whether any error like complex URL address, bugs, broken links, poor grammar, inappropriate image names or any things else are damaging the sites. So, to be an SEO expert, you must make a checklist for monitoring your sites regularly.


6 .  Try to be expert in different social media:

If you would like to be SEO specialist, then you have to engage yourself on different social media. The more you engage yourself on several social media, the more expert will you be in those. Any hyperlink to blog content always helps to generate lot of visitors. And it also helps to rank the site on different search engines quickly.

7 .  Try to build up intercommunication networks:

Try to build up intercommunication networks between you and visitors, between visitors and visitors’ friends.  An SEO specialist always interacts with visitors by giving them feedbacks regularly. It is a part of SEO. Try to keep in mind here that the more user-generated content a website or blog has, the higher ranking will a website or blog be. Try to be smart in monitoring users’ reviews, encouraging users comments and customers service efforts online.

8 .  Try to achieve webmaster skills and programming skills:

To be successful SEO specialist, you will need to achieve webmaster skills and programming skills. But it is not mandatory. Because, you can get your all programming related problems solved by any skilled programmer who are always available on different marketplace like, and so on.

9 .  Try to attend different conferences:

Try to attend different internet marketing conferences like Pubcon, MozCon and SEMPDX . It will help you to get update info on search engine algorithms. And it will also help you to become an SEO specialist.

10 .   Brush up your skills:

If possible, you can develop your own website or blog, or you can develop websites or blogs for your nearest or dearest ones and then apply your SEO experience to optimize those sites. In this way, you can brush up your skills to be smart SEO specialist.

11 .  Start blogging or write eBook on SEO:

Try to start blogging or write eBook on SEO which will encourage you to study and research more about SEO on regular basis. And it will help you to become an SEO specialist.

12 .  Research competitors’ activities:

In order to become an SEO specialist, you have to know – how to use different SEO tools or digital marketing tools to Research competitors’ activities.


By following the above steps, you may become an SEO specialist easily within short time . When you think that you are proficient enough in this regard then you may follow the following steps to start an SEO agency. It should be mentioned here that starting steps of SEO business are not so different from that of other businesses.

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Now, let us go to have a look at the steps at a glance. You can follow these steps to start an SEO agency at minimum investment .

1 .  Take some effective business courses:

Though you may have higher degree in marketing or any subject else and you may have plenty of experience on SEO or digital marketing to run an SEO agency, you will need to take some effective business courses in different subjects like bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial and business management which will help you to succeed in this arena rapidly. After taking these courses, you will be able to chalk out a better SEO business plan.

2 .  Chalk out a Business plan:

First of all, set a goal for your business and then chalk out a business plan for next three years. Remember that a good plan is always key to success. After every three months evaluate the progress of your planning and take necessary action if anything wrong. Chalking out a plan for SEO agency is also important like other business as SEO is always long time procedure. You should know that to implement an SEO project plan, it may take about one year even. That is why, try to make plan for your SEO service company very carefully.

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3 . Promote a brand identity:

To promote the brand identity of your SEO agency, try to come up with a unique name, logo and description from very initial stage. It will help you to take advantage fast from SEO business opportunity in your area. Always try to do something different so that band name of your company can be established quickly.

4 . File important documents:

Always try to keep all important documents in different files separately. It will help you to prove that your SEO agency is legal and you are professional.

5 . Invest money in blog or website:

Develop a blog or website for your SEO agency. You will post unique and useful contents only on that site so that visitors can be benefited and can get good impression from your site. Remember that you should design your site properly so that it looks nicer. Actually, to be successful in this arena through your own SEO company, you have to spend enough time and money in developing website. Because, at present most of the clients come to buy services or products through website. So, try to put attention in developing your own site.

6 . Use logo and business cards:

Create business cards for your SEO agency and pass those to your clients. And use the logo on your different marketing materials like business cards, letterheads, invoices, banners, websites or blogs and scatter it on different social media.


7 . Create a price list of your services:

Create a price list of your services and pass those to your clients through different social medias. Always try to provide your best services at reasonable prices so that your brand name can be established rapidly. You should know that you cannot make money with SEO business if you make mistake at setting price. So, you should be careful in this regard from very beginning to get success through search engine optimization company.

8 .  Use some SEO tools to give instant report:

Before suggesting your clients regarding any services, try to give them some instant free reports on their sites. Try to show them some errors of their site if any. And also show them the way to solve the problems. If you provide this type of some free services regularly by using different SEO tools, you may get a lot of clients who may buy services from your SEO agency in the near future.

9 . Chalk out an SEO project plan:

After identifying the errors of a site, chalk out an SEO project plan. And then take the necessary steps to improve the site and monitor the progress regularly. Give your clients different analytic reports made by several analytic tools after every change on their sites. If you are unable to use these different analytic tools, you may develop networks with different skilled developers of different parts of the world and get those problems solved by them at reasonable price. In this way, most of the SEO agencies solve their problems.

10 . Develop a partnership business:

If you would like to get rapid success from SEO agency, you will need to take business partners from different professionals like digital marketer, writer, video editor, video producer, graphic designer, photographer, web programmer and animator. If you can make group or develop a partnership business with above professionals, then you can offer more professional SEO service packages as per clients’ demands.

11 . Working hard:

If you want to earn lot of money from your SEO agent, you have to work hard. In order to establish this business promptly, you need to work for more than 5 hours per day. By following the above steps if you work hard for about two years, you may expect that your fortune will run after you. You don’t have to run after your destiny.

I hope that after reading this article and following the above steps, you can prepare yourself as an SEO specialist within a short time for starting an SEO agency  without investing huge amount of money. If you are benefited from this article, please share it on different social medias. And if you have any query in this regard, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I will try to give you answer later on. Thanks a lot for reading this article.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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