Why optinmonster pricing plans seem to be cheaper?

Why optinmonster pricing plans seem to be cheaper?
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Optinmonster pricing plans seem to be always cheaper to its users. But, why? To explore this mystery read the article in detail.  It is considered as the best lead-generation Optinmonster plugin for WordPress. And it is also known as the conversion rate optimization plugin which is used by a large number of website owners worldwide. It (Optinmonster) helps its users to convert abandoned website visitors into email subscribers and buyers or customers. So, if you use Optinmonster plugin on your site you don’t have to lose your abandoned website visitors anymore. As a result, you may get a lot of customers for your products or services.

Besides, this plugin helps the owner of the site to get more and more email subscribers fast. It provides pre-made high-converting opt-in forms that can be customized with their drag & drop builder without any difficulty and promptly. Its powerful display targeting features helps to personalize the campaigns for its users so that the right message can be shown at the right time.

By using the application, you can easily convert visitors into customers and recover discarded cart sales and grow your email list quickly. And it is a little bit difficult with other applications.

For the above reasons it can be said that – if you want to make more and more money through your website visitors then you can choose the OptinMonster plugin. It is able to provide a great solution for business websites, bloggers, and e-commerce sites as well.  

You can achieve all these facilities as per your requirement under the different Optinmonster pricing plans.

The facilities that Optinmonster provides for its users under different packages are really cheap compared to its effective and vast multipurpose facilities.

In this article, first of all, I will present some effective features of Optinmonster and then take you to the Optinmonster site to explore the different Optinmonster pricing packages.


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At a glance some important features of Optinmonster 

1.Hazard free interface:

The interface of the Optinmonster plugin is more hazard-free than that of other plugins. If you use this plugin, you will get all the facilities in a set of tabs. It means that to enjoy all facilities of Optinmonster, you don’t have to click on a bunch of several screens like other Optin plugin WordPress.

2. Can create different types of the campaign :

You can create different types of the campaign with this Optinmonster such as slide-in form, floating bar, inline/after post form, sidebar form, and dedicated mobile popup campaign. It is necessary to mention here that always try to follow the display rule to avoid Google’s mobile popup penalty.

3. Different data collection form:

This Optinmonster plugin allows you to create different data collection forms like on-site bars, popups with targeted messages, and advanced drag-and-drop builder, floating bars, after post forms, sidebar forms, welcome gates, sidebar slide-ins, and many more so that you can collect several data as per your requirement.

4. Allows to create a form within a short time:

By using this application, you can create different highly converting forms within a short time. And it helps to increase your sales promptly.

5. Fully optimized for mobile:

All created forms with this plugin are fully optimized for mobile access and submission. You don’t have to bother in this regard that – with which devices your visitors are visiting your site.

6. Analyzing data:

After getting customer data from different parts of the world through Optinmonster, you can analyze those databases on the basis of the geographical location of customers, customers’ age, their specific interests, customer segment, and so on with this plugin.

7. You don’t have to write code:

If you use this plugin, you don’t have to write any code for tracing your conversion rate, split test to achieve better results, and so on.

8. Can reduce exit intent:

It can reduce the exit-intent from your site with its exit-intent technology which can detect the behavior of traffics and prompt them with a suitable campaign at the time of departure from the website.

9. Targeted message for a specific category:

By using the application, you can show your targeted message on a specific category or page.

10. Optinmonster ab testing:

A User-friendly A/B split testing module helps you to increase conversion rates.

11. Capability of integration with all Major Email Marketing Software:

It has the capability of integration with all Major Email Marketing Software like iContact, GetResponse, Mailpoet, OntraPort, Feedblitz, Sendinblue, Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, MadMimi, Infusionsoft, and each custom HTML form scripts.

Example of pre-made designs:

OptinMonster 1
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OptinMonster 2
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OptinMonster 3
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OptinMonster 4
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OptinMonster 5
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Optinmonster pricing packages:

Usually, Optinmonster pricing fluctuates now and then depending on demand. So, click here to-

Check the updated price

Have a look at the video – how to use the Optinmonster plugin


If you like to create your email list, then you can try it at once. Because Optinmonster does not take much time to set up this plugin. The owner of the Optinmonster WordPress plugin is so confident in their product. They are offering a 100% money-back guarantee (for 14 days) for this apps. If you don’t see any positive result with this plugin within 14 days from the date of purchase, then they will refund your full money.


Due to the above effective features and facilities, the popularity of OptinMonster is increasing rapidly worldwide. If you visit their site, Optinmonster pricing plans must compel you to buy their package. Besides, its features are really able to convert abandoned website visitors into customers. Thanks a lot for reading this article. If you like this article, then share it with your nearest and dearest ones on different social media. And if you have any questions about the Optinmonster plugin, then don’t hesitate to leave your question in the comment box. I will try to give your answers to the questions at my convenient time later on.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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