Some Alternatives to PayPal account for money Transaction

Some Alternatives to PayPal account for money Transaction
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PayPal account is considered as the best secured service provider company for online money transaction. But sometimes its complicated rules create several problems. Besides, it doesn’t support all countries also. That is why large number of its clients are irritated to its services and they are looking for some alternatives to PayPal for their money Transaction without any hassle.

In this article Some Alternatives to PayPal account for money Transaction have been presented for your convenience:   


Payoneer is considered as the most popular alternative to PayPal account   and at present it has been available in different countries like Pakistan, India and many more. It allows its customers to receive money from the U.S and European countries.

Some features of Payoneer: 

a. Market coverage: Online Transaction services of Payoneer are available outside the US on the other hand PayPal account  is designed for the people living in the US.   

b. Minimum Transection fees: The transaction of $100 that you can complete at $2 by using Payoneer, for the same amount of transaction you have to spend $5 plus if you use PayPal.

c .Smooth Transection: No initiation is needed by Payoneer before making any transaction.   

d .Maximum daily withdrawal limit: Up to RS 500,000 in cash can be withdrawn with Payoneer but in this regard very lower limit has been set by PayPal account .   

e. Bonus: Whenever first time you will be able to make transaction of $100 with Payoneer then you will enjoy a bonus of $25.  f. Sign us : Free

Though the Payoneer is more than enough for making transaction, you may have a look at other options also those are mentioned below-

2. Skrill:

Skrill is considered as the second best alternative to PayPal account  for money transaction. For your convenience some features of Skrill have been mentioned below: 

a.Smooth transaction: Transaction can be made easily by using an email ID of any Skrill user. 

b.Number of currency Supported : 40     

cCredit or debit card and bank account: It allows you to make Transaction by using your Credit or debit card and bank account.    d.Prepaid MasterCard: It offers Prepaid MasterCard.   

e. IPhone Or Android App: Transaction can be operated form your IPhone Or with Android based App.   

f. Flat rate for any Transaction: 1% Transaction fee is charged for any transaction.


Payza is another popular alternative to PayPal for money transaction where most of the important features of PayPal are available. Some important features of Payza have been mentioned below:

aFacilities like traditional banking: Here money can be deposited in your Payza account via bank transfer and credit or debit cards. Money can be sent to other users and you can also request for money through invoices.   

bPrepaid MasterCard: It offers Prepaid MasterCard. So, money can be withdrawn from ATM booth.   

cBitcoin: It accepts Bitcoin to withdraw money.   

d.Transaction fee: Its Transaction fee is also low compared to PayPal.   

e. Secured transaction:

Nowadays it has been very popular among the businessmen because of its secured features. 

4. 2CheckOut:

Though 2CheckOut is one of the best alternatives to PayPal account , it has some limitations. Some features of 2CheckOut have been presented below:   

a. Flexibility of transaction: Making transaction through 2CheckOut is enough flexible. It supports 87 currencies, 211 countries and 8 types of payment methods.   

bLimitation in Transferring money: It does not support of transferring money within individuals.     

cLittle bit higher transaction fee: It charges a little bit higher transaction fee for the people living outside the US. But you can enjoy discounts in transaction fee if your monthly transactions exceed $50000.

So, 2CheckOut can be your partial alternative to PayPal account for smooth money transaction.

5 .TransferWise:

TransferWise is another important alternative to PayPal for money transaction of which some features have been mentioned below:

a. Low transaction fee & currency rate: The main feature that makes TransferWise unique from others is – its money transaction fee and currency conversion rates are lower than that of others.   

b. No fee for first transaction: No fee is charged for your first transaction worth of Euro 500.     

cSuitable for new bloggers: It is very suitable for new bloggers.     

6 . Remitly:

Remitly is considered as another important alternative to PayPal. It has got some unique features those have been mentioned below for you convenience:

a. Zero transaction fee: One of the unique features of Remitly is- if the transferred amount is above $1000 then it charges no fee for transaction.       

bFlat transaction rate: If the transacted amount is below $1000 then it charges a flat rate at $3.99. Beside, here money can be transacted via bank, credit or debit card.     

c. Transaction time: Money transaction time through Remitly depends on its package or service type, such as – Economy Transaction takes 3-5 days to be completed and Express Transaction is completed within an hour.

The service provider companies for online money transaction those have been presented above are open for all countries. And now three more service provider companies for online money transaction have been presented below those are only open for the US.   

7. Google Wallet:

Google Wallet is another most familiar alternative to PayPal for money transaction in the US. Some features of Google Wallet have been given below:

aCredit or debit card: Credit or debit cards are allowed to make transaction.     

bSingle Card: It allows single card instead of debit and credit cards.     

cFree transaction fee: Money transaction through Google Wallet is free but it charges for transferring money to Google Wallet Account by using credit or debit cards.     

8. Stripe:

Stripe is another most admired alternative to PayPal for money transaction in the US and in European countries. Some important features of Stripe have been given below:

aPayment Methods: Several Payment Methods like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and so on are accepted by Stripe.     

bTransaction fee: You have to pay 2.9%+$.30 for each transaction.   

cAvailability of service: Its services are only available in 19 countries excluding India.   

9. Dwolla:

Dwolla is also considered as a popular alternative to PayPal.  Some important features of Dwolla have been mentioned below:

aEasy process of sending money: Money can be sent to email addresses, Twitter followers, LinkedIn Connections and phone numbers by using  Dwolla.     

bLow transaction fee: It charges only $.25 for each transaction which is really nominal fee compared to PayPal.     

c.  Availability of services: Its services are only available in the US.

Although PayPal account is considered as the best secured service Provider Company for online money transaction, there are some alternatives to it those have been mentioned above for your convenience. If you like this article please share it on several social Medias. And if you have any question in this regard don’t hesitate to ask me. Thanks a lot for reading this article.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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