How to start internet affiliate marketing as career step by step

How to start internet affiliate marketing as career step by step
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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

How to start internet affiliate marketing   as career step by step : The tips that I am going to share today in this article can be considered as an instructive guide for beginners to start internet affiliate marketing   without any prior experience.

If you are looking for proper guideline to start affiliate marketing as career, I think you have come to right place where you would find proper guideline to start internet affiliate marketing as a beginner. At present affiliate marketing is very popular way to make money through online. By affiliate marketing anyone can make much money easily if they have sufficient knowledge on affiliate marketing strategy. Now a days a large number of people have taken affiliate marketing as career  and are earning handsome money which is really good news for beginners. Before starting affiliate marketing as career first of all you should know the definition of affiliate marketing.

Definition of internet affiliate marketing  :

Internet affiliate marketing is a commission-based digital marketing strategy which allows affiliate marketers to promote and sell products or services of merchants (advertiser) through online on the basis of commission.

And here you should know it also that- who are affiliate marketers (Publishers) and merchants (advertiser)?

The persons who promote and sell products or services through online in favor of specific companies on the basis of commission are called affiliate marketers.


The producers who make those products or services and formulate the affiliate programs are called merchants (advertiser)

In this article I would try to show you how to commence internet affiliate marketing   as career step by step. If you are beginner in this track, don’t be anxious. Just follow the following 8 steps and nothing else. So, let us start-

Sept: 1

To become an affiliate marketer first of all choose a profitable niche for your business

Yes, before starting affiliate business first of all you should select profitable niche for your own business. This niche to be selected deep thoughtfully by the help of some renowned soft wares or tools those are available online free.

It should be mentioned here that – what is niche?

In online world- Niche is a specific category of different websites based on its different products or services type.

In order to get more idea in this regard you may search for it online.

Have a look at Top 10 niches for affiliate business

Step: 2

Create a niche related website

Whenever you want to create an account in any affiliate site you will be asked a question whether you have any related website. If you have no any website or landing page you will not be able to join their affiliate network. So, in order to be affiliate marketer you have to create a niche related website or landing page. Creating a website is not so difficult.   You can create niche related website yourself with WordPress cms easily within short time or you can get it done by any website developer.

Step: 3

Analyze affiliate programs

Usually two types of internet affiliate marketing methods (programs) are noticed in different affiliate networks, such as – CPS or PPS and CPA model.

The acronym CPS stands for Cost per sell or PPS stands for pay per sell which means you would get commission when your any affiliate product or service would be sold.

On the other hand, the acronym CPA stands for cost per action that means you would get commission after completion of any specific action. Several types of action for CPA affiliate marketing are noticed, such as –clicking, form submission, sign up, download and impression.

Out of Top Affiliate Networks you can choose your affiliate business partner easily and quickly. Some top affiliate networks are mentioned below:


Clickbank is one of the renowned affiliate networks. More than six million products are available in this site .This site is good for digital product.

Commission Junction

At present Commission Junction is known as CJ Affiliate By Conversant. It is another renowned affiliate market place where millions of customers are shopping regularly. Here about 60 thousand active marketers are working.

Amazon Associates

As an affiliate network, popularity of Amazon Associates is incomparable. In this site always more than million products are available. Amazon is the biggest online based retailer in USA. Amazon is chosen by many advertisers and publishers because it is very user friendly, reliable to all, it offers high commission rate on various products. Creating account in Amazon Associates is very easy.


In order to get more idea in this regard you can follow the following link.

Why Amazon affiliate is considered as the most popular affiliate program in the online world?


Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window has also good reputation in the affiliate world. For the best CPS network it has won Affiliate Marketing Award in 2012. By this time it has been able to build a strong network and introduce us to innovation, practice of ethical business, advance technology and credible service. Publisher and advertiser have been provided with profitable digital marketing channel by this site.

There are more affiliate market places are available in online world which are mentioned below:

FlexoffersRevenueWireReviMedia, ShareaSale , eBayAvangate and so on.


Step: 4

Choose an affiliate program or market or networks for you

At the time of starting internet affiliate marketing you should choose an affiliate program in which you like to build your career. And choosing a profitable niche is also very important in this sector. After choosing niche you should join niche related affiliate market. Suppose you have a blog which is related to Making Money Online, in that case, you should choose such networks those deal in Making Money Online related products or services.

Step: 5

Market product or services on your blog site and add your affiliate links in your content

After joining in affiliate partner network as affiliate marketer you should enrich your website contents with different information on particular niche and simultaneously try to add affiliate link to your website content. By adding affiliate link to your website content you will be able to earn money, because whenever a reader will click on the affiliate link, they will go to company’s website and then if any task is completed by the reader, you will get commission. In order to increase your earning, you have to write article on your blog site regularly regarding advertisers’ product or service.

Step: 6

Visual ads can be included in your sidebar

Your blog sidebar can be used for your niche related visual ads. In this way you can earn extra money if any visitor click on your add banner. Setting a Banner is not difficult matter. You just have to copy banner code from affiliate partner website and then paste it to your side bar’s html box or text box.

Step: 7

Try to write niche related article regularly on website

Content development is very important task for any blogger to succeed in this arena. If unique and quality contents are written on your affiliate product or service in your blog regularly, traffic will visit your website again and again and click on your affiliate link regularly. More you write content in your blog more you will earn money. That is to say, a lot of contents brings possibility of getting commission.

Step: 8

Utilize Web Analytics Service to monitor trend of your achievements

In order to succeed in internet affiliate marketing  , you have to chalk out your future plan from now on. In this regard you can take help from google web analytics service named Google Analytics. By using this software you can closely monitor the flow rate of traffics, sales and lead to your website. Your business status can be re-analyzed any time by Google Analytics .So, your website has to be linked with Google Analytics.

These 8 steps should be followed to be successful in this arena. But, you should remember one thing that in order to succeed in this track you have to be patient and simultaneously keep trying properly.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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