Importance of social media in business

Importance of social media in business
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At present the age that we are passing can be called the age of social media .I think, we all are floating in tidal wave of social media. No way to take aside ourselves from this tidal wave. The occurrence that has taken place just now is spreading to each and every corner of the world rapidly within a second by the viral capability of social medias. As a result a large portion of the common people have been habituated in using social media.  They prefer to spend their idle time on different social medias to different TV channels. And that’s why, to small or established business owners, the importance of social media in business is increasing day by day quickly worldwide. And also they have realized it that Importance of social media in business can’t be ignored if they want to survive with their own business in this competitive world. Now a days, most of the business man are much more interested regarding social media than before because of its viral capability. Any promotional activity can be accomplished in favor of any product or service easily and promptly at low price thorough social media. By using these medias they can find out specific customers for their specific products or service smoothly which is not possible through traditional medias (TV channel, radio, newspaper, billboard and so on). Beside, much more business scopes are available in social medias which can’t be described in a nutshell here. Anyway, why Importance of social media in business is increasing quickly all over the world has been discussed below:

  1. Suitable for small business owners:

Nowadays most of the small or established  business owners prefer social media to traditional media to promote their products or services. By using face book any information about products or services can be sent to targeted customers at lower price which is not possible by traditional medias. Facebook is such a media where every user has 200 friends on average. If any user of face books shares any information of product or service on face book and that information is shared again by only 5 friends out of 200 friends then that information may reach about 1000 people within short time. Besides, by using face book products can be sent to customers through different ways. Face book provides several facilities for its users, such as page, group, personal profile and ads. Through these four sub platforms almost all kinds of promotional activities for business can be done easily. For example, through face book page, all information of business, product images, videos regarding products and product price can be presented to customers. After getting all information regarding products from face book page all customers can take decision whether they will buy those products. Through groups by sharing different information with all the group members anyone can convert them (those group members) into customers. It is known from a research that 93% of people like to take decision from the advice of Facebook friends. If any satisfied customer of your product or service advise his friend to buy your product then you may get new customer by the help of your existing customer. In this manner your customers of your products may increase promptly. So, it can be said that involving with social medias is Suitable for small business owners and for established business owners also.

  1. Social media helps to rank blog site or website:

Social media helps to rank blog site or website always .Social medias not only bring customers form its own sites but also help your blog site to be ranked in search engine. If you are able to get your site ranked once then you don’t have to think about customers. I mean that you don’t have to run after customers rather customer will run after your products or services.

  1. Social media plays a vital role to earn reputation:

At present social media plays a vital role to earn reputation for business organization. By giving post on social media regularly one can be familiar easily. Through this media different professional individuals can sell their services. By giving different useful tips and information on different social medias regularly anyone can earn reputation for himself or for his own business.

  1. To establish a new brand :

Presently a large number of new companies are getting familiar rapidly by promoting their products or business on social media. It is often seen that most of the different new companies launch ads on Facebook from very initial stage of business. As a result people are able to be informed regarding a new company and its products or services easily which helps owner of the company to establish a new brand. Establishing a new brand through social media costs much less compared to others traditional medias.

  1. Promotional activities can be accomplished at much less cost:

The most hidden secret reason of social medias’ popularity is – in this media Promotional activities can be accomplished at much less cost which is not possible in traditional media. You can send any information regarding your products or services to your targeted customer at much lower cost without any difficulty. For example, a seller of baby products can launch ads for his product on social media in order to increase sales. Here advertisers get facility to create and send ads to particular class, group, category, race, religion, nation and so on    And for this reason Importance of social media in business is increasing promptly all over the world.

  1. To reshuffle your business plan:

With the help of some effective tools you can monitor your several activities on different social medias and even your competitors’ activities on several social medias can be monitored by these kind of tools. By monitoring competitors’ activities on social medias you can take decision to reshuffle your business plans instantly.

  1. Social media helps to increase traffic on your website:

As at present most of the people of this world spend their idle time on different social medias, by using these platforms properly you can easily drive traffics to your own blog site from different social medias. In this manner Social media helps to increase traffic on your website.

  1. Easy to find targeted customers from different social media groups :

We all know that a large number of targeted customers are enlisted on different social media groups. By using these groups carefully (by posting links of your site in these groups) you will be able to drive targeted traffics to your own site. And targeted traffics are the strength of a site.

  1. Easy to interact with each other ( Interaction between you and customers) :

Social Medias allow us to interact with each other always. Regular interaction with customers regarding their problems and opinions helps to earn reputation for business.

  1. Easy to realize your customers’ demands :

By involving yourself on different social medias regularly, you can monitor the customers’ or users’ comments on your products or brands. In this manner, you can easily realize the customers’ demands & problems and can take necessary steps to solve the problems, if any.

11. Social media helps to rank your site:

Social media marketing not only drives customers to your site, but also helps your site to rank on different search engines. If you have strong activity on different social medias in favor of your website, then search engines will rank your site quickly.

12. Social media helps to reduce dependence on search engine optimization (SEO):

If you have strong activity on different social medias in favor of your site, then you will get large number of free visitors for your site from those social medias. As a result, you don’t have to be dependent on search engine optimization (SEO) seriously to rank your site. Because – since you are getting lot of visitors for your site or blog from different social medias, why will you go to optimize your site seriously?

It is very difficult to write everything about Importance of social media in business in a nut shell. Usefulness of social medias is increasing day by day quickly. Realizing its (social medias) importance most of the new or small or established business owners have involved themselves on these medias by this time or are going to be involved shortly. Actually all are trying to enjoy the several benefits of social medias for their business.  Then, why are you wasting your valuable time in vain? Hurry up and get involved yourself today.

In this article I have tried to discuss regarding Importance of social media in business.  In this modern age as a business man you can’t avoid the necessity of social medias. It is thought that the business owns who have involved themselves on social media by this time for their own business will lead the business world in future.

If you have any more query about this article, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I will try to reply you later on.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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