Top 9 easy ways to earn money from Facebook

Top 9 easy ways to earn money from Facebook
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At present most of the people of this world prefer to spend their idle time on different social medias especially on Facebook (FB) to different TV channels. Facebook is considered as the largest social network of this world. Nowadays it is used like others social medias only to share status, photos, videos and to keep in touch with nearest and dearest ones.  But, Facebook is providing more much additional facilities for its users which have created some ways to make money from home. The facilities that are provided by Facebook to earn money from home most of those are unknown to us (its users) excepting some advanced users. That’s why in this article I like to present Top 9 easy ways to earn money from Facebook today. I think making some extra money following these ways is much more better than wasting time in vain on Facebook.  If you are serious in this regard then it is not a matter to find your targeted customers from more than a billion FB users. And it is true and proved also.

However, today, I am going to present in this article some easy ways and tips about making money online using Facebook.

  1. Become a Brand Ambassador:

If you have FB profile or FB Page with hundred thousand followers or more, then you can offer business organizations or companies to promote their products or services or brand on your Facebook site. Try to be sure that you have real followers who always like to be engaged in your all posts actively only to give an impression. It is known to all that when any product or service is promoted on such a Facebook profile or Facebook page then promotional messages reach all followers within a second.

  1. Develop a blog site and make money through FAN with Facebook Instant Articles:

If you have a blog site with unique and best articles then you should apply your FB Page and blog site with Facebook Audience Network (FAN) and FB Instant Articles. If once your blog site and FB page are approved then you will be able to put ads on your Facebook Instant Articles from FAN and make money from per click or impression. You should know that FAN works like Google AdSense. If your blog site is popular enough and it has probability of being viral on FB platform then you can choose FAN to monetize your blog site.

  1. Start earning through renowned advertising network like Google AdSense:

Having a large number of followers are always important for earning money on FB . If you think, the amount that you are earning from your Facebook Page followers is not enough as per your expectation then you can drive your these followers to  your own blog site instead of driving them to your Facebook Instant Articles. And then setup ads on your site by using   renowned advertising networks like Google AdSense. You should know that your Facebook Audience Network (FAN) earning may decrease but your Google AdSense earning will never drop. Because the visitors of your blog site will increase day by day if contents of your blogs are informative and unique.

  1. Try to promote and sell your own products or services on your Facebook page :

If you have a large number of followers on your FB page then you should try to promote and sell your own products or services by using this page instead of selling products of others. In this case, try to be sure whether the products or services that you are selling on your FB page are relevant to your regular posts. For example, if you are passionate of posting tips on make money Online then you should sell relevant virtual products like several SEO tools, books or e-books on SEO, guide books on make money online and so on.

  1. Earn money on Facebook through affiliate marketing:

If you have a FB page with large number of followers then by driving those followers to your blog site, you can increase your affiliate income. In this regard one thing you have to be sure whether the followers that you are driving to your site are passionate about your niche. If they are passionate about your niche then you can easily make money on Facebook through affiliate marketing. Always try to start affiliate business with well-known affiliate marketing networks.

  1. Try to utilize the followers’ positive impression on you :

One of the best advantages of having a large number of followers on Facebook is that people would have a positive impression on you that you are an expert on Facebook marketing. If they (your followers) think so. Let them think. Besides, if you are able to attract a lot of loyal followers on Facebook then it indicates that you are not only expert on Facebook marketing but also enough skilled on your own niche. In this situation you may get a lot of offers from your followers or from anybody else to teach them Facebook marketing or to give them tips on your own niche in exchange for money. Nowadays teaching is easy. Because, you can teach anybody from anywhere online in exchange for money by using some effective teaching tools.

  1. Rent out your Facebook page like your movable or immovable property :

There are many interested parties who always look for FB pages with large number of followers only to promote their brands on those pages. So, you can also rent out your Facebook page with large number of followers as digital property to those interested parties on monthly basis like your movable or immovable property. Rent amount depends on the quality of page followers, engagement rate and type of facilities provided by the page owner.

At the time of renting out your page, don’t give them (lessees) the administrative privilege to ensure security of your page. Giving them (lessees) ‘’editor’’ access is enough to promote their products or services.

  1. Make money by selling Facebook group:

If you have a FB group with a large number of members then you can sell this group to interested parties by making them Admin. It should be mentioned here that if you would like to sell the group then have to leave the groups to the buyer after selling it.

  1. Make money without selling your Facebook group :

By giving them (interested parties) scope of promoting their brand or products or services in your group in exchange for money, you can make money without selling your FB group either.

Different ways are seen on FB to make money from home. Out of those only Top 9 easy ways to earn from Facebook are mentioned above so that you can take decision in this regard easily.

If you think this article is useful for all then please share it with your friends. Thanks a lot for reading the article.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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