Top 9 Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Networks for 2020

Top 9 Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Networks for 2020
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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I think before going to detail discussion on Top 9 Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Networks for 2020 first of all I should give you some ideas  about Affiliate Marketing Networks .

An affiliate marketing network works as a broker between affiliate marketer /publishers (who promote and sell products & services   ) and the merchants (who make those products & services and formulate the affiliate programs)

Affiliate marketing networks provide analytical reports & tools, tracking facilities, execute payment & refund methods, implement affiliate management systems, create central database and so on for both affiliate marketers and merchants.

Let us go to our previous discussion again.

If you are planning to earn money with affiliate program then first of all you have to join at any popular affiliate marketing networks. In this article I will discuss about some best affiliate marketing networks where people are earning lot of money. I hope, by reading the article you will be able to take right decision that – which affiliate network would be best for you.

Detail discussion on Top 9 Affiliate Marketing Networks for 2020 are presented below respectively:

1. CJ (Commission Junction) Affiliate Network

CJ (Commission Junction) is famous e-commerce site which deals in several environment friendly products (Green product) such as Clothing/Apparel, Beauty, Food and Drinks, Computer and Electronics, Health & Wellness, Gifts & Flowers, Home & Garden, Recreation and Leisure and travel. In the last couple of years steady business growth trend of this site had never been downward and its networks are expanding very rapidly. Previously it was known as commission junction (CJ) .It is one of the oldest affiliate marking network and for this reason it has got large number of successful affiliate marketers and merchants (advertiser). By this time CJ Affiliate Network has been able to win the hearts of most of affiliate marketers and merchants because of its best user interface, payment system, customer support wings and satisfactory statistical information system. On this site most of the advertiser pay higher rate of commission for CJ publishers compared to others affiliate networks. Besides, on this site marketers are paid regularly without any hassle.

2. ClickBank

ClickBank is considered as the most popular marketplace for digital products with more than 6 million products and 200 million customers. It is said that ClickBank is the Amazon of digital products. Digital products can be downloaded after each purchase.

It has got different type of products in its virtual store such as eBooks, Health & fitness products, green products, food, cooking and e-business, e-marketing and self-help eBook products etc. Affiliate marketers feel comfortable to work with ClickBank since this site is created as user-friendly. In this site affiliate markets are paid up to 70 % commission on each sale.

3.  Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associate program is considered as the largest affiliate network in online world and well-known to everyone. More than a million products of different categories and subcategories are available on this e-commerce site those can be promoted easily from anywhere by anybody any time. Everything is available on Amazon! As affiliate marketer you can get up to 10% commission for all affiliate sale from Amazon. As a trusted brand Amazon always extends its helping hand to affiliate marketers if they fall in any problems.

Because of Amazon Associates Program’s best user interface, payment system, customer support wings and satisfactory statistical information system most of the affiliate marketers and merchants love this site very much.

You may link to any website on Amazon Associates Program and you will be paid for every purchase made with your referral.

4. ShareASale Affiliate

ShareASale Affiliate is an admired reliable and secured affiliate network which is working with more than 2500 merchants (advertise) and over a million publishers (affiliate marketers). The niches with those ShareASale works are web development, internet marketing, green products and niche fashions. Anyone can run affiliate business by using this site easily as its affiliate interface is so user-friendly and commission rates are quite competitive. It gives 30-90 days cookie length form your visitors’ initial click on the other hand Google gives only for 7 days. Usually different type of programs such as pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale are offered by this site. And affiliate marketers are paid their commissions regularly and timely without any trouble on ShareASale Affiliate network. It should be mentioned that its (ShareASale Affiliate’s) comprehensive commission tracking & payment systems and affiliate support & link generation systems really are exclusive than other networks. It is also running Referral Program successfully.

5. Rakuten Affiliate Network

Rakuten Affiliate Network is exceptional and most admired affiliate platform of which network is expanded worldwide. It plays vital role to make good relation between publishers (affiliate marketers) and advertiser (merchant). As a result it is convenient for both (affiliate marketers & merchant).  Rakuten Affiliate Network provides different services for affiliate marketers and merchants. By taking these services any affiliate marketer can earn large amount of money with his own website easily without any trouble. In this site over 2500 affiliate programs are available and you can select any of those as per your choice. Besides, on this site you will have chance to promote branded products. Management system is so easy, flexible and reliable. Besides, staffs of company are very much helpful, reliable and responsible. In order to expand business educational tools and strategic help can be taken from its (Rakuten Affiliate Network) development team always. You can choose your won partner by comparing commission rate, products and benefits. Excellent tracking services with comprehensive repot and statement, sales and commission rates of this business are admired always.

6. Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window is not only biggest but also award-winning affiliate marketing network with more than 75000 registered affiliate marketers and over 750 blue –chip merchants in United Kingdom .

Usually, affiliate marketers of Affiliate Window are online publisher (partner) who have access to traffics and send traffics to this site (Affiliate Window) via his own website.

In return affiliate marketers will commission based on each sale generated traffics. This program is usually known as Cost Per Action (CPA) which is much more transparent than

Cost Per Click (CPC) program. Different exclusive and extensive business models are offered to their merchants and affiliates with ShopWindow and ConentWindowc regularly. The software that they use for tracking clicks and conversions accurately is good enough.

7. LinkConnector

LinkConnector is much admired and well-constructed affiliate marketing network with a lot of professional business programs which always helps the merchants and affiliate marketers to expand online business and brings innovation in

Affiliate Marketing as per their partners’ (merchants’ & affiliate marketers’) expectations. Its assists affiliate marketers to find out most profitable and optimal promotions out of different promotions offered by them (LinkConnector) as per affiliates’ requirement. On this site affiliates are allowed to link to merchants’ site directly without any parameters and have access to top merchants’ campaigns. Its dedicated Affiliate Relation team, advanced reporting systems, easy interface, customized communication policy and zero tolerance policy to frauds made this site exclusive from others.

8. Neverblue Affiliate Program

Neverblue Affiliate Program is trustworthy affiliate network which provides several opportunities to advertisers and publishers to achieve their goal. Large number of products are available in this site to be promoted by affiliate marketers. If you involve yourself in Neverblue Affiliate Program you will get chance to make money quickly as this site pays higher rate commission for affiliate marketers. In order to be successful in this site you can apply different marketing strategies such as email marketing, contextual advertising, search engine marketing, incentive marketing and banner ads for focusing on lead generation.

9. PepperJam Affiliate Network

PepperJam Affiliate Network is becoming popular and largest affiliate marketing network in online world with more than 700 merchants of 28 product categories.

The niches those are available on this site are – Automotive, Games, Sports and Fitness, Computers and Electronics, Art and Music, Insurance, E-Commerce, Marketing Books, Financial Services, Businesses, Family, Foods and Drinks, Toys, Recreation, Leisure, Travel, Art, Education, Legal etc. In order to run an affiliate business smoothly affiliate marketers need several reports and information. If you involve yourself in this site (PepperJam Affiliate Network) as an affiliate marketer you will get all kind of information and reports such as commission report, transaction summary, transaction details, traffic reports etc.


The affiliate marketing networks those are presented above are considered as the best affiliate marketing networks in online world. I hope, by reading this article you can take decision easily that which one or ones of the above would be suitable for you to be become a successful affiliate marketer. Dear friends, if you like this article please don’t forget to share it. Thanks a lot for reading this article.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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