About WPForms what you never knew before

About WPForms what you never knew before
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WPForms is considered as the most powerful and user-friendly contact form for WordPress. A contact form like Wpforms can make the site easy for the visitors so that they (visitors) can get in touch with the owner of the business through his site without any hassle. For this reason, each website or blog needs this type of Wpforms plugin most.

This type of drag & drop online form builder like wp form allows the owner of the site to create payment forms, online order forms, contact forms, email subscription forms, appointment booking form, front-end post submission form, and other types of different online forms and it also allows you to hold online surveys, polls with just several clicks and nothing else. Besides, it has several features like conditional logic or integrations with other apps which help to automate those forms.

It is able to integrate popular payment and marketing platforms which helps you to create powerful forms within few (five) minutes.

It has another important and powerful feature that helps the owner of the site to create a custom WordPress user registration form and login page.

Due to its some unique and brilliant features, more than a million website owners have been using this wp forms plugin on their sites for more than 2 years and also constantly giving 4.9 out of 5-star ratings on average. It is really astonishing.

it has two types of Wpforms plugin versions which are mentioned below-

Types of wp form plugin versions

A.WPForms Lite version (wpforms lite download Free)

B. WPForms Paid Version(Check the updated price)

A.Free WPForms Lite version

Those who want to solve simple problems can use the Wpforms pro-free version. Some basic but helpful facilities are included in this version for beginners.

The features that made the WP Forms Lite version (Free) popular and easy for beginners are mentioned below :

Features of the Wpforms free Lite version

1. Can be installed on more than one site:

You can install the Lite version on your more than one site for free.

2. Can be upgraded to pro version anytime:

This Lite version can be upgraded to the pro version anytime.

3. Suitable for beginners:

This Lite version is free for all but it is very suitable for beginners.

4. A lot of features: 

In the free version, a lot of features are available that can be used just to meet the primary needs. The available features in the free version are more than enough for a beginner.

Note: Some important features of the WP Forms Pro version are available in the WP Forms Lite version but all features are not available. The facilities that are available in the lite version can be used to fulfill primary needs but these are not enough for advanced users.

Click to download free

B. WPForms Paid version:

If you want to grow your business quickly then you can use this version on your site as a plugin. This

paid version has a lot of features.

But only the features that made this paid version popular and different from others are mentioned below:

Features of the paid version

1. Drag & drop online form builder:

This type of drag & drop online wp form builder lets you make different forms such as payment forms, online order forms, contact form by Wpforms, email subscription forms, etc.

2. Built-in form template:

It starts with a Built-in form template which saves more time.

3. Responsive for all gadgets:

It is 100% responsive for all gadgets such as laptops, desktops, mobile, and tablets.

4. Instant notifications:

It responds promptly to leads with instant notifications for your teams.

5. User registration:

It helps to build custom WordPress user registration forms for your site.

6. Spam protection:

Its smart honeypot and captcha protect spam submissions automatically.

7. Paypal add on:

It can collect payments, donations, and online orders with PayPal add-on easily and quickly.

8. Stripe Add-on:

It is able to collect payments, donations, and online orders with Stripe Add-on easily and promptly.

9. Constant Contact signup form:

To grow your email list, it helps you to create Constant Contact signup forms in WordPress.

10. Custom Wpforms captcha:

It can add custom math and questions captcha.

11. Geolocation data:

It provides Geolocation data so that you can learn more about your users.

12. Post submission Add-on:

It helps your users to submit niche-related guest blog posts and different content on your WordPress site.

13. Surveys and polls Add-on:

It also lets you hold online surveys and polls.

14. Signature:

It helps your users to sign your several online forms with their mouse or touch screen.

Click this link and read our another article to learn – how to install WordPress Plugin easily?

Now, I will show you how all these features work for its users to achieve goals.

At a glance working process of the Paid version

WP Forms Drag-And-Drop Builder:

Commencement of every form

Whenever you will go to create a new form, at first you will find a pre-made templates list.

WPForms 1
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For example, here we would like to choose a simple Wpforms contact form.

To configure form fields

Upon choosing the template, this Wpforms WordPress plugin will take you to the wp form builder where you will find a form live preview on the right and an available form fields list on the left.

In order to add a new field, just you have to drag it over:

WPForms 2
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To rearrange the existing fields as per requirement, drag-and-drop can be used as well.

Different types of form fields

If you use the paid version, then you will get access to different types of form fields like date/time pickers fields, passwords fields, file uploads fields, rating fields, product selection fields, calculator fields (it helps to calculate the total price based on the selection of a user)


Organize the options

If you would like to customize any field, just click your desired field. Then, Field Options will open on the left sidebar where you can organize the options [Labels, whether or not a field is required, Conditional logic (applicable for the paid version)] as per your requirements.

WPForms 3
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Note: Several fields have several options.

For example, if you edit the checkbox field, you can enter the options for your visitors. As a result, they (visitors) can choose their desired option like whether to use images or texts. And it is suitable for more visual selections.

WPForms 4
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To organize or configure Form Settings

Once you are able to finish the settings of your form fields, then you will be taken to the settings tab where you can control basic features of how your form works.

In the General tab, you can set up form basics such as anti-spam measures and the text for the submit button.

WPForms 5
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The Notifications tab helps to set up the email notifications so that messages can be sent to users after submission of the form by users.

Multiple email notifications

Firstly, multiple email notifications can be created with a premium version. For example, an email could be sent to yourself and another could be sent to form submitter.


Actual information

Secondly, actual information from the form can be inserted by using the included Smart Tags.

WPForms 6
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Conditional logic

This plugin has a very interesting feature named conditional logic which helps you to send notifications. Besides, conditional logic has more functionalities for a specific purpose.

WPForms 7
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Your workflows can be automated with conditional logic at a deep level which can improve your efficiency and reduce the dependence on direct manual form submission.


Another tab named Confirmation lets you select the after-effects of form submission by users like Show a messageShow a pageRedirect visitors to a certain URL.

Multiple different confirmations

Here, Multiple different confirmations can be created as well and conditional logic can be used to complete several actions based on form submission type by visitors. It (conditional logic) also helps to automate workflows.

WPForms 8
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To display your form

After completion of the form, you can display it on your site in different ways

Here, you may click on the button named “Embed” for generating a shortcode.

WPForms 9
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WP Forms block

Or, if you are habituated to use a new WordPress block editor (dubbed “Gutenberg”) then it will add a new WP Forms block as well which can be used for adding forms to block editor designs.

WPForms 10
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Price Review of WP Forms (wpforms pricing):

You may start your journey with WP Forms for free with the version named WordPress.org. If you are not a serious user and would like to create simple forms, then this free version is more than enough for you. Because it has some helpful options which can help you a lot in this regard.

Anyway, if you are a serious user and want more much-advanced functionalities then you should choose the premium version which has different packages with various facilities at different prices. You can choose any package from here as per your requirements.

Please, click here and have a look at the wpforms pricing packages 


Now and then, the prices of different packages fluctuate. For this reason, you are requested to click the link below to be informed about the current status of the price plans


For its above features, WPForms is a very popular plugin to most business owners worldwide. Besides, it allows you to create unlimited forms and get unlimited entries for a nominal amount of money. Thank a lot for reading this WPForms review with patience. If you think that this article is helpful for you then you are requested to share it on different social media. And, if you have any queries in this regard, then don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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