Grammarly free vs Paid Version review 2022

Grammarly free vs Paid Version review 2022
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As a writing app, the popularity of the Grammarly free version is also skyscraping worldwide like the paid version. Do you know? In spite of having a limited number of features, why is the Grammarly Free Version used worldwide by a lot of people? To know the answer to this question, you should know the features and benefits of Grammarly Free Version as well as you should read the comparative review article on Grammarly free vs Paid Version.

This comparative discussion may give you a clear idea about the Grammarly Free Version and the Grammarly paid version. Besides, the importance of Grammarly Free Version’s limited but effective features may be clear to you easily through this comparative review article.

Though the Grammarly Free Version offers limited features for its users, the benefits of its instant useful suggestions on different grammatical issues can not be ignored.

As a free version, Grammarly Free version’s features may be less in number but are effective and useful which is really astonishing. Because under the free version, its offered features are rarely found in other writing apps like this tool. 

Before going to discuss on Grammarly free vs Paid Version, we should know – what is Grammarly?  Grammarly features.  Advantages of using Grammarly.  And then I shall try to focus on Grammarly free vs Paid Version review. I hope that this brief but useful review on Grammarly free Version vs Grammarly Paid Version may help you a lot get a clear idea about Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a well-known English language writing app or browser extension which allows its users to check grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the written content in real-time on different platforms like Microsoft Word or MS Word, WordPress, Facebook, and so on. Besides, with this app, plagiarism can be checked too effectively and easily. Actually, it can be used as a Free Grammar Assistant in daily communication.

Grammarly features

The main features of “Grammarly” have been mentioned below –

  1. Solving common issues of grammar, spelling, punctuation

Whatever you want to write can be checked by this app such as spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, using incorrect punctuation, and so on. And this is how it can save your time.

  1. Tone detector

Grammarly’s tone detector helps you use proper tone in your writing so that the proper intent of your written content can be understandable to readers easily. Proper use of prepositions, phrasing, words, and punctuation lets you keep the proper tone in your written content. And this app does the same in favor of you.

  1. Suggestions to shorten sentences

Grammarly gives suggestions for short and more meaningful sentences instead of large and complex sentences. As a result, sentences guided by this app become more user friendly 

  1. Restructuring large sentences

It gives suggestions to restructure large sentences into small sentences so that it can be more meaningful.

  1. one adjustment  suggestions

paid users are entitled to get tone adjustment  suggestions with purple underlines which can help you find more polite options than rude ones

  1. Suggestions for formal language

Informally written contents are detected and suggested to convert into formal language.

  1. Appropriate preposition

This app suggests using appropriate prepositions in your writing. For this reason, your written content guided by this app seems to be more meaningful to the readers.

  1. Avoiding unnecessary same phrases in the same sentence

It gives suggestions to avoid using the same phrase in the same sentence again and again unnecessarily.

  1. Plagiarism detector

Its plagiarism detector feature is able to detect plagiarized content. 

  1. Choosing the right word 

While writing, this useful app can suggest choosing the right word for a sentence.  

  1. Fluency

The overall suggestion of this app for writing is able to make the written content more fluent and user-friendly.

Advantages of using Grammarly

  • All the features of Grammarly are available in real-time on several platforms such as MS Word, WordPress, FB (Facebook), and so on. 
  • Suggested grammatical rules and punctuation by this writing app are highly accurate.
  • Its explanations regarding grammatical rules are not difficult to understand.
  • Even if you use the Grammarly free version, you will be entitled to customize its features, though the free version has some limitations.
  • It is very easy to use. It means none has to be good in English to use this app.

You may have known that Grammarly comes with free and paid versions, and both of them are useful and effective for the respective users. Grammarly free version is equipped with a lot of effective features. But paid version has come with a lot of some special and more advanced features. You can anytime convert your free package into the paid version.

It is true that most of the new users of the Grammarly app do not know the overall features of the Grammarly free and paid version individually. But in this article, overall features of Grammarly free and paid versions have been presented above together. Both packages have a lot of features but most of the new users do not know anything about the main differences between these two packages. Especially,  most of the useful features of the Grammarly free version are unknown to new users.

That is why this review article on the Grammarly free and paid version has been published on this blog site. In this article, the main features, pros and cons of these two packages, especially the ins and outs of the Grammarly free version have been shown and disclosed clearly with the best effort.  So, to be informed clearly in this regard, read the Grammarly review article with patience in detail.

Grammarly free vs Paid Version review

In order to write error-free writing, no app has been built like Grammarly till now. Day by day the popularity of Grammarly is increasing due to its effective and useful features which are rarely found in other apps like Grammarly

If you want to avoid grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in your documents and you do not like to hire any proofreader then Grammarly may be your best choice in this regard. Because Grammarly is such a writing app which is developed to solve the above issues. 

Earlier, it has been mentioned that Grammarly comes with two packages like Grammarly free version and Grammarly paid version or Grammarly premium version. Though the Grammarly paid version has been equipped with some more effective and advanced features, the capability of the Grammarly free version can not be ignored in a single word.

Because the effective features of Grammarly free have been able to achieve a lot of reputation from different parts of the world by this time which you can realize if you download and use the free version once.

Click here to download the Grammarly Free Version

Now, I am going to explore both versions ( Grammarly free and Paid Version ) of this app and will try to present a comparative discussion on these both visions ( Grammarly free vs Paid Version ).

Grammarly Free


  • Grammarly can detect several mistakes of spelling, grammar, and punctuation and give you suggestions in this regard.
  • To make long and complex sentences short and more meaningful, its suggestion is really praisable.
  • It is able to give you suggestions to avoid unnecessary same phrases in the same sentence.
  • Grammarly free can be used on different browsers as extensions such as Chrome (version 67 and newer) , Firefox (version 54 and newer), Safari (version 12 and newer), and Microsoft Edge (version 88 and newer).
  • It works on MS Word and  Gdocs.
  • This writing app has been equipped with a Personal dictionary.
  • For all your documents, TLS encryption / 256-bit AES & SSL  is offered.
  • Per account, one user is allowed to use this app.
  • This app can be used on mobile as well.

Grammarly Free is able to check grammatical and spelling mistakes while writing. It not only detects obvious and common mistakes but also picks some such mistakes which are rarely detected by any other apps like Grammarly . Such as confusing words and unnecessary using of punctuation can be detected by the help of this app easily. And you will get suitable suggestions in this regard to solve the problems.

Grammarly is a very effective and sensible tool for checking spelling as it has been equipped with an AI (Artificial intelligence) system. For this reason, this app can detect and solve issues very effectively and accurately which is rarely possible by any other tool like it.

If you are worried regarding your privacy then you should be informed that all your documents are encrypted with 256-bit AES & SSL/TLS. Grammarly authority says that this app is not able to see your documents’ content. It means that this useful writing app can be used with your personal documents.

It can be said that the grammarly free version is doubtlessly a good spelling checker app of which features are rarely available in other same apps like it. It should be mentioned here that this grammarly free version is not only suitable for writers but also for all who want to develop their English writing skills quickly.

  • Accurate suggestions are given.
  • It tries to give suggestions as per your writing goal.
  • Grammarly free version comes with a readability metric.
  • Not difficult to use on several devices and browsers.
  • This app can be integrated into Word seamlessly.
  • It can save recently reviewed documents.
  • British, American, Canadian, as well as Australian English are supported by this Grammarly free writing app.
  • Stylish suggestions are not available.
  • Only basic suggestions are given.
  • Advanced formatting is not supported by this grammarly free version.
  • Sometimes its suggestion may not be acceptable.

Grammarly Premium


  • Grammarly premium gives more advanced suggestions on grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and prepositional or prepositional phrase issues which are rarely found in grammarly free versions.
  • It can check inconsistent sentences on written content and give you proper suggestions.
  • It is able to give you suggestions to avoid unnecessary same phrases in the same sentence.
  • The tone detector of grammarly app is able to help you use proper tone in writing.
  • Plagiarized written content can be checked by this app easily.
  • This app gives you suggestions for selecting the right word for a sentence as per the intent of the sentence.
  • It is able to suggest writing informal language.
  • The suggestions of the app while writing help you make the sentence more fluent.
  • The large sentence can be restructured into small sentences by the help of this app.
  • Its suggestion for appropriate prepositions is good enough to make a sentence more meaningful.
  • The honorable users of the Grammarly Paid Version are entitled to have their documents checked by a human proofreader. 

The Grammarly free version only gives suggestions for checking grammatical and spelling mistakes but the Grammarly premium version gives suggestions about sentence style and scopes to choose the right word from a rich vocabulary. Besides this app is able to detect plagiarized content. For this reason, this tool can be used as an alternative to Copyscape. This paid version gives you suggestions to detect overused words and wordy sentences and eliminate those so that you can write more quickly without making any mistakes.

It is able to detect the improper tone of sentences. If informal words are used in formal documents then the written content loses its quality. And this kind of issue can be solved easily by this app. And if you like to express emotional appeal in your writing then this Grammarly paid version may be a useful tool for you to implement your desire. Due to its versatility, it is not only suitable for creative writers but also suitable for business executives who are to communicate to others via email in English regularly.

Ineffective words and weak verbs can also be detected by the help of this app. If you use this app, day by day you will be a better writer. Because the proper suggestion on grammatical issues, again and again, it is able to make you a better writer gradually. It corrects not only the writing but also helps to filter out repetitive errors in the sentences so that you can write more confidently. Due to its a lot of integrations, it can be used in almost all devices successfully. And it can also be used while traveling seamlessly.

The users of Grammarly Premium Version are allowed to get their written content checked by a human proofreader. If you like to enjoy this feature then you have to pay extra money for this purpose.

The Grammarly Paid Version offers two types of plans. Such as –


Grammarly Premium ( Click to check the price) 

Only one user is allowed to use one account.


Grammarly Business (Click to check the price)

Up to 100 team members are allowed to use it.


Actually, there is no difference between Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Business. Both of these plans have the same features. Grammarly Premium plan is suitable for a single person on the other hand the Grammarly Business plan is suitable for a large team. If you run a small business and have no large team then the Grammarly Premium plan may be more than enough for you.


  • Its style checker feature is able to make anyone a better writer.
  • It has the ability to make your writing quality clearer and sharper.
  • Instant vocabulary suggestions of this app increase your ability to choose the right words for a sentence.
  • It can check plagiarized content easily.


  • It may be better for particular types of writing.
  • All suggestions may not be suitable or acceptable for your writing always.


What is the purpose of Grammarly?

For that purpose, the Grammarly app was developed are –

  • To check the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the written content.
  • To suggest the proper uses of punctuation in written content to make it more meaningful.
  • To check plagiarism. 
  • To guide its users to use appropriate grammatical rules in sentences while writing.

Who is Grammarly good for?

Grammarly may be good for the following persons-

  • The person who is a bit careless in writing with proper spelling.
  • The person who can seldom write an English sentence with appropriate grammatical rules.   
  • The person who wants to be guided automatically about using punctuation while writing.
  • The blogger who wants to save his blog from plagiarized written content with the help of a suitable tool.
  • The person who wants to be guided automatically about using grammatical rules while writing.

Is Grammarly free for students?

Sorry to say that the Grammarly app has no any free plan for students. But you can open a Grammarly free account like others. And you can use that Grammarly free account with limited features as per your requirement for different purposes like checking spelling mistakes and detecting grammatical errors. Under this free account, you are also entitled to get instant suggestions from Grammarly. And if you like to get more advanced suggestions from Grammarly then you have to upgrade your free account to a premium account.

Besides, you also have to convert your free account into a premium account for checking the plagiarized content.

Is Grammarly free?

Yes, Grammarly has a free plan for all types of users that is free forever. But, under this free plan, you will not be entitled to get all types of suggestions from Grammarly. It means if you use the Grammarly free version, you will not get advanced suggestions regarding spelling and grammatical issues from Grammarly. In order to get more advanced suggestions about all types of grammatical issues from Grammarly, you have to convert your free version into a premium version.

It should be mentioned here that the benefits of the free version of Grammarly are more than enough for any beginner.

What does the free version of Grammarly do?

Grammarly offers two types of plans, such as the Grammarly free version and the Grammarly premium version. 

Grammarly premium version is a paid plan. It means, in order to get the advanced suggestions regarding grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and prepositional issues, you have to take the Grammarly premium version and it is not free. 

But, on the other hand, the Grammarly free version is open to all forever. Though the Grammarly free version offers limited benefits, it has some effective benefits which have been mentioned below-

  • Detecting different issues of grammar, spelling, and punctuation and giving instant proper suggestions for those issues.
  • It suggests shortening the unnecessary long sentence.
  • This free version allows you to use it on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox,  Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
  • It can be used on MS Word as well as Gdocs.
  • This free version lets you use the app on mobile as well.
  • You can integrate this app into Word without any hassle.
  • It is able to give suggestions as per writing intent.

The Verdict

Grammarly Free Version is considered as the best useful spelling and grammar checker tool in the online world due to its many effective features. And this version also may be considered as the alternative of a human proofreader. It means that if you even use the Grammarly Free Version, you don’t have to hire a proofreader to get your written content checked. In this way, the Grammarly Free Version may save a lot of money for you. It is true that Grammarly Free Versions are available with a large number of effective features which are rarely found in other apps like this tool.

And for this reason, from different parts of the world,  a lot of Grammarly Free Version copies are being downloaded every day.


On the other hand, the benefits of the Grammarly Premium Version are unbelievable compared to its price. Its Premium version has been equipped with a lot of effective features which are rarely found in the other same tools available online.

The tone detecting and advanced style suggestions features of this app can help you become a better writer gradually. It means that if you buy a copy of Grammarly Premium Version, you may develop yourself as a better writer on the sly without taking any help from anybody else. It lets you focus on the main issues and gives you proper quick suggestions to solve those. 

At present due to a lot of useful and effective features, the popularity of the  Grammarly Premium Version is skyscraping. For this reason, in spite of being a bit pricey, it sells well worldwide.


It should be mentioned here that if you buy the Grammarly Premium Version then you don’t have to spend any single money anymore for editing your documents. It means the Grammarly Paid Version is more than enough to get your document edited at a low price.

Though this Premium version should not be considered as the alternative of a human editor, it may be considered as the most and latest advanced app of its kind due to a lot of its effective features.

What it claims, everything is available in it: It is not just a writing tool rather it is an artificial editor since AI (artificial intelligence) is used in this app for making its suggestions more natural.

It is not only suitable for professional writers but also suitable for those who like to develop their skills in the English language rapidly.

At the end of the discussion, it can be said that if you like to get more than a proofreader but you don’t like to hire any human editor to save money then this Grammarly Premium Version plan is for you.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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