Free 46+ Best Digital Marketing Tools 2020

Free 46+ Best Digital Marketing Tools 2020
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At present Digital Marketing is the most admired marketing strategy for any business organization or website. Because, huge amount of money is not required for digital marketing but its output is really astonishing. I mean in digital marketing output is always higher than input if you are able to apply the digital marketing tools (SEO Tools)   properly. It is totally different form traditional marketing.  In order to be successful in digital marketing you should have enough idea on 46+ best digital marketing tools  those will help you to be a successful digital marketer.

Dear friends, today I will introduce you to free 46+ digital marketing tools (SEO Tools) 2020 which are really most admired and very effective tools for digital marketing.

 A list of Free 46+ Best Digital Marketing Tools (SEO Tools) 2020 is mentioned below:


Best free digital marketing tools (SEO Tools) for digital marketing ….

1. Google Page Speed Insights

Website loading time is one of the most troublesome factors which influences visitors and bounce rates.  You can get real analytical report on your website speed by using SEO Tools like Google PageSpeed Insights tool 

2. will help you to get targeted long tail keyword.

3. Open Site Explorer

Powerful High quality inbound link can be built with Open Site Explorer

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is very powerful tool for digital marketing which can be used for monitoring and analyzing visitors on your website.

5. SimilarWeb

You can analyze different data of competitors’ websites by using SimilarWeb.

6. Google Trends

Google Trends can be used to research on keywords for short and long time result.

7. Copyscape

Copyscape can be used for checking duplicate content on your site.

8. Browseo

Browseo can be used for monitoring your website through the search engine lens. It is very easy to use, just put your website URL into Browseo and this will show you particular data of your website. By using this tool you will get new ideas always which will help you to take right decision.

Best free Social Media Tools…

  1. Addict-o-matic

If you are interested to learn something about any topic from different sources then you can use Addict-o-matic. It will help you to search different information of that topic such as- its updates, photos, videos, blogs, tweets, and so on. It is totally free and you don’t have to be member of this site. Just put your query into the search bar and   Addict-o-matic will present all results in front of you and you will just click on the links to open those news stories, videos, images, tweets and so on.

  1. Social Mention
  2. IFTTT
  3. IceRocket
  4. TweetDeck
  5. Google Alerts
  6. Facebook Page Insights
  7. Qzzr
  8. Rapportive

10Facebook Audience Insights

Best Free Content Marketing Tools…

  1. Grammarly
  2. Evernote
  3. Headline Analyzer
  4. Hemingway App
  5. PlaceIt
  6. Visage
  7. Wideo
  8. Piktochart
  9. Spredfast
  10. Feedly

Best free Email Marketing Tools…

  1. MailChimp
  2. RyanSolutions Social Sharing Link Builder
  3. PutsMail
  4. WPForms
  5. FreshMail

Best free Research Tools

  1. FollowerWonk
  2. SpyFu
  3. PeerReach
  4. QuickSprout
  5. Alexa
  6. Google Analytics URL Builder

Best free Measurement Tools

  1. Mixpanel
  2. Webtrends
  3. Localytics
  4. Countly
  6. Cyfe

Best free Design Tools

  1. Canva

In order to be successful in digital marketing should learn about above digital marketing tools (SEO Tools) . Otherwise you will waste your time in vain and get no way to be successful in digital marketing. If you like my article please share it to your nearest and dearest ones.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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