Updated Brief but Smart guidelines to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Updated Brief but Smart guidelines to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Guidelines to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Before knowing the guidelines to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , you should have a bit knowledge about its definition , History and Current Status  also. So , if possible – read the definition , history and Current Status of SEO at a glance .


Definition of Search engine optimization (SEO) : Search engine optimization (SEO) is a group of techniques which helps you to improve ranking of your website so that your website can appear closer to the top ranked websites in the search result page of different search engines.


History of Search engine optimization (SEO) :

When the popularity of the Internet and its usage continues to grow, it was very important to organize the web sites, classify the same type of website according to the categories. From then the search engine development began and it was started by the different webmasters.They started to research on search engine results much, and this is how the search engine optimization started its journey.


And then SEO had started its journey officially in 1995 first time. Developers of yahoo at first started to use SEO with alphabetic optimization and within one year its acceptability increased rapidly. Then Search engine algorithms was created only on the basis of key word density. Yahoo webmaster submitted website some-time in 1997. Google created spam rule in 1998 to1999 and google reshuffled its algorithm again. It should be mentioned that algorithm is a kind of programming by which search engine evaluate everything. At that time an update of algorithm was released. But, Google took more 2-3 years to start its spam rules. With these spam tactics Google SEO specialists started to classify ranking based website according to categories in 2000-2007.


But there were still some problems. To solve all these problems, the search engine came up with a solution named Google Crawlers. After adding the Crawlers system to the search engine, a new level was added to the SEO. Crawlers helped web sites to reduce dependence on backlinks. As a result key word stuffing decreased automatically. In this way, the journey of the modern SEO started.

Current Status of SEO:

Whenever SEO was modernized a radical change was noticed in internet system and its users .Using of internet and searching anything in search engine became easier .As a result life became easier also.

Suppose you have never visited Spain. So, you don’t know anything about that place. Where to stay- you don’t know about it even.  But, no problem. If you search by writing ‘Hotels in Spain’ in search box of search engine then you will get a lot of information about all hotels of Spain. So, just think yourself – if you had no search engine, you could not have found anything easily. Not only information of Spanish Hotels but also necessary information of all categories of human life are available in search engine and you can find those information easily by the help of modernized SEO.

It should be mentioned that SEO is not a static but rather a continuous procedure. For this reason much time is to be spent in this regard.

In order to get clear idea about SEO, you should have enough knowledge on classification of SEO. SEO is categorized into two distinct classes On the basis of its features those are mentioned below:

a. On page optimization

b.Off page optimization


a.On page optimization:

On page optimization is a group of techniques which is applied in your website at the time of developing it. How search engine will find out your website, these tactics are added to your website at the time of developing it and these tactics are called On page optimization. On page SEO is directly related to key word of your website. In on page SEO following factors are included:

  1. Placing keyword in Domain Name
  2. Keyword in URL /URL structure
  3. Placing Keyword in the Title, Description
  4. Adding Keyword in HEADING Tags
  5. Keyword Density
  6. Placing Keyword in the First and Last Sentence
  7. Bolding, Italicizing and Underlining Keyword to draw attention
  8. Image with keyword (Image Should Contain Keyword)
  9. Internal Linking strategy for Blog Post
  10. Proper content (Should be unique)


Detail discussion on the above factors are mentioned below serially-

  1. Placing keyword in Domain Name

Domain Name is considered as most important factor for on page SEO. Your website would be ranked or optimized  easily and quickly if you keep your keyword in your domain name. If domain name matches with keywords exactly your site will get extra advantage from search engine. For example, if you like to rank “online earning strategies” as key word, then the domain name of your website should be onlineearningstrategies.com. What will you do – if domain is not available? In that case you should try to register with .net or .org. If you don’t get suitable domain still    then you can add suffix or prefix to it. If you add prefix ‘secret’ to these keywords, your domain name will be secretonlineearningstrategies.com. But, adding suffix is better than prefix. Because if you add suffix, your keyword will appear in first.

  1. Keyword in URL /URL structure

Suppose, you have an article on horse training product review and you like to post it on your website and also want that keyword will appear in the URL   as follows-


You may have noticed that sometime some ugly URLs are seen in online such as-horsetrainingtips.com/p=420 !?! Can you tell that- which one will be chosen by Google out of these two URLs. Of course the first one will be chosen as it is more meaningful than second one with random number. It should be mentioned that google improves ranking of website based on the topicality of content. You must want that your content can be identified by search engine easily. So, always try to choose meaningful URL instead of ugly URL so that you can optimize your site from very beginning level.

  1. Placing Keyword in the Title, Description

In order to optimize your site , you should place your keyword in the title and description, and you have to place your keywords in three Meta tags field and description to attract more click. Don’t try to stuff lot of keywords into those Meta tag fields just for SEO purpose. Because this activities are considered as keywords spam.

  1. Adding Keyword in HEADING Tags

Usually heading tags are used to organize content and structure of the site in html. As a result readers can use the website easily. So, try to spend some time to use several headings in your content with your desired keywords at the very beginning of your heading. Adding Keyword in HEADING Tags always help to optimize your content easily.

  1. Keyword Density

Suppose, you have written an article on particular topic to post in your website. In this case you have to remember one thing that keyword density of your article can not exceed the limit of 2.5%. It means that keyword density should be within 0..5% to 2. 5% of total words of your article. For example, if your article is written with 500 words then total keywords in your article should be 10 to 25.

  1. Placing Keyword in the First and Last Sentence

Since the keyword position plays a vital role always try to place your keyword in the first and last sentence of your article or blog post.

  1. Bolding, Italicizing and Underlining Keyword to draw attention

Basically keywords are bold, italicized and underlined in order to draw attention of readers and it helps you to improve ranking of your site.

  1. Image with keyword (Image Should Contain Keyword)

Since search engine can’t read image, it is to depend on the description of image.  So, we are to name the image with keyword so that search engine can identify the image. Besides, description regarding image has to be given in alt attribute. But you have to remember that Keyword should be used in the description of image.  As a result search engine can read the image.

  1. Internal Linking strategy for Blog Post

Interlink linking strategy always play important role for your website which can be achieved by

  1. Building link on some keywords of your article to your other relevant articles or blog posts.
  2. Building links to relevant articles with particular keyword theme at the end of each article.

You will be glad to know that you can get help in this regard easily from WordPress plugin which assists to add link to relevant article at the bottom of each article or blog post. In order to get this advantage, you just have to download “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin” and start using.

  1. Proper content (Should be unique)

Whatever is presented in website is called content. It plays vital role to optimize your website .Without good and unique content you will not be able improve ranking of your website. In order to create a good website, good and unique contents are needed always. It should be mentioned that your content should be SEO and user/reader friendly otherwise you will be unsuccessful  to optimize your site.

b. Off page optimization

Off page optimization can be called link building. In order to improve the ranking of your website when it (your website) is connected / linked to another relevant website is called link building. And this complete link building procedure is Off page optimization. So, briefly it can be said that Off page optimization is promotional activities of any website in other relevant website.

Link building procedure can be done in several ways. Out of those some important ways and its short description with procedure (will be released later on) are mentioned below:

  1. Directory submission
  2. Article submission
  3. Forum posting
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Blog comments posting
  7. Link wheel
  8. Video marketing
  9. Press
  10. RSS Feed

1. Directory submission

There are many sites in online world where several type of web addresses are available. These sites are called Directory site. And when your website link is submitted in these sites then it is called Directory submission. If you submit your link in these sites, you can get large number of visitors from those sites.

2. Article submission

Based on subject matter of your created website or blog, write an article regarding your site. Use your site link in your article and use keyword of your site in the Anchor Text of the link. And submit the article in different directories. If your article is information rich then you will get large number of visitors from those sites. In this way , you can optimize your site quickly.

3.Forum posting

Forum posting plays very important role in off page optimization. There are thousands of forums in online world where large number of forum members give posts daily. Having been member of these forums, you can give post about your site. Put your site link in those forums.  Then, more you give post more your site link will appear on those posts. In this case try to comment more and more especially on Do Follow sites. As a result visitors of your site and your site link will increase day by day which will be very helpful for your page ranking.So,It is said that -if you want to optimize your site promptly then try to join different forums and after some days you will see positive result . It is true ,no doubt about it!

4.Social Bookmarking

There are several types of social media sites in online world, such as– facebook, twitter, Linkedin, delicious, digg, reddit etc. By using these sites you can promote your website easily. Social bookmarking websites allow you to save your URL   in their sites for future reference. The main feature that made this Social Bookmarking technique popular to all is that all other members of Social bookmarking website are able to see your saved URL LINK and reach your specific webpage from the saved bookmarks(your saved URL LINK). Most of the bookmarking sites don’t support ‘’DO Follow’’. So, before submitting your URL into any social bookmarking website, try to be sure whether it supports Do Follow. There are lot of visitors on social bookmarking sites. So, if you can submit your URL link into proper social bookmarking sites properly, there is great chance to get huge number of visitors from those sites.

5.Social media marketing/ social networking

At present Social media marketing plays a very important role to increase the visitors for all types of websites. You can promote your website on several social media sites, such as- facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Hi5, delicious, reddit etc.     

6.Blog comments posting

It is another way to collect visitors. If you give post or comment with your link regularly on your relevant websites then you may get huge visitors form those sites if your posts or comments are acceptable to them. In order to get relevant blogs, you may visit this link -www.google.com/blogsearch.

7.Link wheel

Link wheel is widely used such an internet marketing technique where link is created on a website and sent it to another website and in the long run it brings good results for your desired website.

8.Video marketing

You can load several videos related to your website on various video submission sites from where you will get large number of visitors for your own website. It should be mentioned that video can draw more attention of visitors easily than other techniques.

9.Press Release

Press Release is one of the best ways of promoting your website in online world by which you can get huge backlink & visitors for your website quickly. At present, more than 100 million people are reading news online daily. By using this SEO technique you can reach those readers easily. It is a latest and most admired addition to SEO technique. This technique gives more credibility to your products or services than conventional advertisement.  Just try to keep in mind that press release should be written professionally like news so that you can make your readers happy and interested to your products or services easily and promptly. Many Press release services /PR services (free and paid service) are available online where you can post your Press release which can reach large number of journalists and editors rapidly & easily.

10. RSS Feed

RSS Feed is such a technology which is used to monitor frequently updates of websites or blog sites. If any website offers you RSS Feed, you will be notified instantly whenever anything is updated on the website. If you take this facility for your website, you will be able to send the updates to your subscribers frequently also. As a result interaction between you and your subscribers will increase rapidly and it will help you to improve web rank of your website in search engine.

Which should be given importance most- SEO or good quality content?

Though SEO is very important to improve web rank, importance of good quality content can’t be avoided. Because good quality content always helps you to get natural link by which you will be able to improve your web rank gradually. But this improvement will last for long time.

The success that have achieved by building links or by any other easier ways quickly will not last for long days. Your top ranked website will disappear anytime, whenever search engine will updates itself, if this success is achieved by any shortcut manner. So, in this regard my suggestion is – try to create good quality content and optimize your website simultaneously. In this case both are important equally.


In this article I try to present the preliminary idea of SOE.  To improve rank of website the importance of SEO can’t be ignored. SEO is group of techniques by which you are able to improve your web rank so that your site can be shown closer to the top ranked blog site or websites in the search result page of google yahoo, bing etc. I hope that by reading this article you will get primary idea about SEO.  It is necessary to say here that don’t forget to create good quality content for ranking your website. Because without good quality content all effort of optimization will fail. Website or blog site with Good quality content is optimized automatically.

If you like this article please share it with your friends and have any question in this regard please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thanks a lot for reading this article.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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