What is SEO? And why is SEO so important to get success in any business?

What is SEO?  And why is SEO  so important to get success in any business?
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Definition of SEO: SEO (Search engine optimization) is a group of techniques by which you can improve web/search rank of your website in different search engine. It means that in order to show a website on the first page of search engine the techniques that are applied or followed is called SEO.

Importance of SEO:

At present SEO is very important for online business or any kind of business. Without having enough knowledge about Search engine optimization none can succeed in any business. By applying techniques of SEO on your website you will be able to improve web rank of your website in search engine.

So, In order to succeed in any business you have to give importance on Search engine optimization. If you ignore the importance of SEO, You will never succeed in digital marketing. It is a group of such techniques which helps webmasters or digital marketer to increase online traffics by improving web rank. If you have any blog site or website or online store, SEO can help you to achieve your targets.

SEO is the easiest way to increase your website’s visitors. The visitors are the life of the website.  Website has no value without the visitors. There are billions of sites in the world. It is impossible to remember so many sites. So, if we need anything in online, we take help from search engines and search engines always help millions of users to look for their desired answer to question or content. For example, if we need to download games, then we can search by writing “Game Download” in Google. Then, Google shows us results of many sites. Then, usually we click on first 1 to 10 websites of first page from those sites. If you can bring your site to Google’s first page once, then you do not have to worry about the visitors and you don’t have to run after visitors but they will run after you.

The importance of SEO is given below:

  1. Usually most of the search engine users click on one of the top 5 suggestions in the results pages (SERPS). So, in order to take this advantage for your website, you have to secure your position within the top 5 suggestions in the result pages. And it would be possible for you, only when secret techniques of SEO are applied properly.
  2. Search engine optimization improves web rank and increases users or visitors of website. And good SEO practices help to achieve reputation for website.
  3. Most of the users keep trust on search engine for searching something .So, if any website is able to secure its position among top ranked ones, peoples’ faith on website develops rapidly.
  4. Search engine optimization helps to promote your website through social media. The People who find your website by searching in google or yahoo most of them promote it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other social media.
  5. Search engine optimization can keep you ahead in the competition. If same thing is sold by two websites, it is noticed that search engine optimized website can draw attention of more people and can achieve its targets faster than the other.

Importance of SEO is described above in a nutshell. Actually it is almost impossible to describe the importance of SEO (Search engine optimization ) so briefly.  Yet, I tried to do so. I don’t know that how much I have been successful in this regard. But, I hope that by reading this article you all will be able to realize the importance of SEO which may help you to succeed in Digital marketing. If you like this article please don’t forget to share it. Thanks a lot for reading the article.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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