26 easy ways to increase traffic fast on your website

26 easy ways to increase traffic fast on your website
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Easy ways to increase traffic fast are always searched for by all bloggers or website owners worldwide Nowadays blogging is not only a hobby, it is considered as a way of earning money also. For this reason owners of all websites want to increase traffic on their blog site promptly. There are several easy ways to increase traffic fast on your blog site. Some of those are paid and most of those are free. Today in my article I will present some Top popular and easy ways of increasing traffic fast on your Website. Actually large number of traffics of a website help to improve the ranking of a website. If once web rank of your site is improved, you will be able to earn huge money from your site. And it is true and no doubt in this regard.

Some Top popular easy ways to increase traffic fast on your Website have presented below:

  1. Write articles and share those on Article Submission sites:

Article Submission is considered as one of the best ways to generate traffic on your site. Always try to write article on your niche and share those on different Article Submission sites. Some article submission sites are presented here for your convenience those can be used for this purpose.

hubpages.com, snare.com, squidoo.com, goarticles.com & etc.

  1. Commenting on Blog regularly:

Commenting on Blog is most popular way to increase visitors on your site.  Whenever you will get time try to comment on your relevant niche. If your comment is useful, informative and constructive then visitors will click on your link to get more information. This is how huge traffics can be generated within shot time.       

  1. Social Bookmarking sites:

Nowadays ,Social bookmarking sites are considered as most powerful easy ways to increase traffic fast  on your website. Large number of people visit the social bookmarking sites every moment. So, social bookmarking sites can be a dependable traffic source for your site. In order to increase visitors on your site, you can create account on different social bookmarking sites, such as Facebook, google +, reddit, pinterest, Twitter, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Tweetmeme, Fark etc. Nowadays Facebook is the third popular social media site in online world which is being visited by more than millions visitors every moment. By creating a Facebook fan page for your selected niche you can attract huge visitors to site.

  1. Paid ads on Facebook:

Facebook paid campaign is the most popular and quickest way of increasing visitors on your own site. Although this method is little bit expensive, it works well.  By this method large number of targeted customer can be attracted easily and promptly to your website.

  1. Facebook group:

At present Facebook group has been a most effective promotional platform for the owners of websites.  Thousands of niche related Facebook groups are available here. In order to increase visitors on your site that you have to do is – just join there and start posting your blog relevant contents. Besides, you can create different groups on behalf of your website.  And after few days you will see that a large number of visitors are coming to your site for latest updates. In this way, different Facebook groups can work as Easy ways to increase traffic fast

  1. YouTube Marketing:

YouTube is the most popular and second largest search engine for video contents which is visited by huge visitors from different parts of the world. People come here to watch videos on different topics.  Since YouTube is the source of innumerable visitors, most of the owners of different websites want to utilize this scope to drive visitors from YouTube to their own website by creating YouTube channel on behalf of their sites. To increase visitors on your site through YouTube that you have to do is –just create a YouTube channel on behalf of your site and start uploading informative videos relevant to your niche with your website link (website link to be placed on video and description). As YouTube is a free marketing channel, owners of the all blog sites take this scope to drive visitors to their own sites.

  1. Referral Program:

Referral program is considered as very effective way of driving visitors to website. If your any potential customer refer your products or services to their friends to buy, then you may offer them some discount. In this manner, referral Programs can also be  Easy ways to increase traffic fast  on your site .

  1. Join Forum sites:

In order to increase visitors on your site, you should join forum sites. There are different types of niche based Form sites in online world .Forum sites are also source of visitors. Here you can post your answer and question. By posting answers or questions regularly you will be able to become an expert on your own field and build up authenticity. By this way you can drive big number of visitors to your site quickly and easily.

A list of some Forum sites has been presented below for your convenience from where you may find some easy ways to increase traffic fast on your blog site

forums. digitalpoint.com, forums.seochat.com, mhighrankings.com/forum, seo-guy.com/forum, forums.site-reference.com, seoblackhat.com/forum, forums.searchenginewatch.com, sitepoint.com/forums, seoforums.org and seomoz.org/community,

  1. Ebay:

Ebay is another source of visitors from where you can drive innumerous traffics to your own site. At present it has more than 60 millions customers worldwide. To generate traffic from Ebay, first of all you have to create a good About Me Page in your Ebay account. And then you will be allowed to promote your website link in the about me page.

  1. Newspaper Ads:

Newspaper Ads is a traditional but effective way to increase traffic on your site. You can contact any local or international famous online or offline newspaper media and place your ads in those Newspapers.

  1. Search Engine Optimization:

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a group of techniques by which you are able to improve web/search rank of your blog site or website in different search engines. It means that in order to display a blog or website on the first page of search engine the techniques that are applied or followed is called SEO. By applying these techniques of SEO you can easily improve the web rank of your site. If once you are able to improve the web rank of your site, then you don’t have to be anxious with traffic more. Then large number of visitors will visit your site regularly and then you will get several easy ways to increase traffic fast on your website.

  1. Link building:

Link building is a very effective way to drive traffic to your blog site. High quality back links can be bought from different companies. Or anyone can build high quality back links with huge number of powerful websites totally free. High quality back links can be purchased from the following sites:

Buildmyrank.com, 3waylinks.net
Massarticlesubmitter.net, Onlywire.com, Thehoth.com, BruteforceSEO.com, Buildmyrank.com, 3waylinks.net

  1. Guest Posting:

Guest Posting always plays vital role to drive visitors to your site. Usually guest posting sites allows you to post niche relevant article on their sites along with your website link. If your articles are up to the mark then large number of readers may be driven to your site through your website link which was added to the each article earlier.

  1. E-mail Marketing:

E-mail Marketing is one of the best quickest ways of promoting your products or services worldwide. At preset anyone can promote his products or services to the targeted customers worldwide promptly by using some very effective E-mail Marketing tools. By the help of some effective E-mail Marketing tools you will be able to get a large number of customers for your site. Some famous E-mail Marketing softwares  are presented in this article for your convenience .

Campaigner, Benchmark Email, IContact, Campaign Monitor, Jango Mail
Boomerang, Ezine Director, Jango Mail, Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp and Constant Contact .

  1. Creating Free E-book:

At present Free E-book has flourished as a very effective way of driving traffic to website. . E-book or electronic book is a digital book that can be read by using computer or laptop or   eBook reader or mobile. E-book is written on any specific topic like traditional printed book. Author or owner of an E-book can place promotional or affiliate links on his E-book. You can get an E-book created by anybody else at low cost form the following sites:

fiverr, freelancer & fastcinco


  1. Joining CPA affiliate network:

By joining CPA (Cost per action) Affiliate Networks, you can take full advantage of Affiliate Marketing as an Advertiser or a publisher.

CPA (Cost per action) Affiliate Networks always helps advertisers and publishers a lot to get large number of traffics on their site.

  1. Flickr:

Flickr is a free important tool to drive traffic to your blog site. To be active on Flickr that you have to do is – just create a Flickr account and start uploading your niche relevant images along with URL address of your site. Whenever any visitor will visit your uploaded images on Flickr site then they may come to your site through your URL address that was placed on your images previously.

  1. Blog:

You can create another your niche relevant blog free on Blogger.com or wordpress.com to drive traffics from this site to your main website.

  1. Signing up on Answer websites:

The answer websites are such places where different types of niche relevant questions are placed for get proper answer .By signing us on those sites if you give answer to their niche relevant questions and recommend them to visit your site regularly, after few days you see that large number of visitors are coming to your site frequently.

For your convenience a short list of answer site has been given below those will help you to find different easy ways to increase traffic fast on you blog or website .




  1. RSS feeds submission:

The RSS feeds are considered as another most effective visitor driving tools for any blog site. These RSS feeds submission sites can be used easily to create strong back-link for huge organic traffics. RSS feeds submission sites can help you a lot to get many easy ways to increase traffic fast on you blog or website.

  1. Submitting Link on Web 2.0 sites:

By submitting link on Web 2.0 sites you can get huge number of organic traffics for your site easily. For your convenience couple of Web 2.0 Sites are presented here: WordPress.com, Craiglist.com, Wikipedia.com, Blogcode.com, Blinklist.com, Techcrunch.com, Ehow.com, Typepad.com, Yelp.com, Blogger.com and Photobucket.com,

  1. Adding Blog link in the Email Signature:

Whenever you send mail , always try to add your website link in the email signature template of your all mails.In this manner you can get several easy ways to increase traffic fast on your site.

  1. Business Card:

When you meet someone then give them your Business Card with your website address. In order to get free traffic on your site this method works well. Smart business cards can be bought from the following sites:

Go Print
Juke Box
Overnight Prints
Print Runner
Uprinting                                                                                                                        Vista Print
123 Print
Businesscards 24

  1. Search Engine Directory:

Search Engine Directory can help you to drive a large number of organic traffic to your website. By adding your blog site to prominent search engine directories, you can get huge organic traffics for your own site. A list of top major search engine directory has been presented here for your convenience from where you can get different easy ways to increase traffic fast on your website :

Alta Vista
Alexa Internet

  1. Using Micro Freelancing Websites for Advertising

By placing ads on micro freelancing website, your site also can be promoted. If you use this way, you may get large number of targeted traffic from those sites. For your convenience, name of some most popular Micro Freelancing market places have been given here Tenbux, Zeerk, Gigbucks, Dealerr, Gighour, Taskarmy, Zeerk, Fiverr, Yooker, Fascinco and Mturk.

  1. Using Outsourcing websites for Advertising

You can also use some popular outsourcing websites for adverting. If you use this method, you will be able to drive large number of targeted traffic to your blog site from those sites. You can choose these sites for advertising – Upwork, Guru, Freelancer etc.

  1. Creating an interactive community:

Interactive community of a website or blog is able to draw the attention of huge readers. So, at present, interactive community is created  in most of the website. Adding a blog comment section on a website or blog site is called interactive community which allows the visitors to join conversation. Try to respond to the visitors’ comments regularly which Google likes much. If your website or blog is developed with WordPress, you will be allowed to use a great plugin named Comment Luv.

There are innumerable ways in the online world those help to drive huge number of traffics to the website promptly. Out of those only 26 Easy ways to increase traffic fast on website or blog are presented in this article for your convenience and if possible more articles on rest of the ways will written late on also. Thanks a lot for reading this article. If you like this article please share it with your friends on social Medias .And if you have any question in this regard, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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