What is Google AdSense? And how to earn money from Google AdSense?

What is Google AdSense? And how to earn money from Google AdSense?
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Google AdSense is known as a free service provider run by Google for publishers for monetizing their web content. Anyone with a blog site, website, YouTube channel or any other online property is considered as a publisher in online world. Google AdSense is most admired and popular online based media which helps to monetize contents of publishers.

The reasons of popularity of Google AdSense are –it is so easy to use, after initial configuration each publisher receives update on their income status regularly, Publishers are paid in time , No  incident  of  being cheated by Google AdSense  hasn’t been noticed yet online

Starting with Google AdSense is always easy, you just need a website or blog or YouTube channel in order to get approval for Google AdSense account. After getting approval from Google AdSense that you have to do is- to collect ads from Google AdSense and pace those with AdSense code on your blog using free plugins and then you will see that ads will be displayed on your site automatically by AdSense. And from now on when a visitor will click on these ads, you will be paid instantly by AdSense. Now your goal should be to bring large number of traffics on your site and you should remember that the more you will be able to bring traffics on your site, the more you will be able to earn from AdSense.


If you think that you will get your ads clicked by your friends or anybody else, then you are going to make a great mistake. In this regard my suggestion is- please don’t do so. Because, if once your this malpractice is caught by AdSense then your account be disabled. Getting back the disabled account as active will be difficult for you.

In order to get approved AdSense account from AdSense authority for earning money, different ways are accepted by Google AdSense, such as blog site or website or YouTube channel. If you have any one of these web properties then you will be eligible to apply for AdSense account.

The ways those are accepted by AdSense authority to get approved AdSense account are mentioned below:

Creating a free blog site on BlogSpot:

BlogSpot is most popular and free blogging platform run by Google where anyone can create blog site for him within short time. It should be mentioned that this platform is suitable for beginners. At the time of creating a blog site, always try to keep in mind the following advices:

Domain name: Domain name is offered by BlogSpot like onlineearningstrategies.blogspot.com. Always try to use such a name as domain that is easy to remember, type and pronounce. In order to know detail about how to decide blog name   , you may follow this link.

Niche: Start posting articles regularly on your blog site in any particular topic like weight loss, heath tips, finance, technology, fashion, food or anything else about which people have interest. At the time of writing article try to ensure that your article is being created with more than 400 words along with relevant images. Nowadays, writing article on BlogSpot or any other modern platform is not difficult. Follow the link to know detail about – How to select niche for blog.

Design: At the time of setting up your first blog site on BlogSpot, you will be allowed to use any one out of more than one temple offered by them (BlogSpot). These are not bad but you can also use a third party free template in order to make the outlook of your blog site more professional. Follow the link to get more third party free BlogSpot templates those can be used on your blog site easily.

Pages: At the time of setting up blog you should ensure whether different important pages like About Us, Contact Us, Download, Our Family and so on are created on your site. The existence of these type of pages on your blog site will be able to draw the attention of readers easily.

Or creating a WordPress Blog

Creating a WordPress Blog site is considered as smart and professional way. Usually this way is recommended for them who have prior experience in this regard. You should be informed that at present more than 22% of the websites in the world have been developed with WordPress. And its reputation and popularity are increasing rapidly worldwide. Having a professional blog of a person had been a dream but this dream has come true at present by the help of WordPress. Because, by using some effective tools of WordPress you can develop a professional blog site for your business within very short time which really a miracle.

In order to buy domain and hosting for your WordPress blog site, you may read: How to buy domain name & hosting for WordPress blog.

To learn about developing a blog site on WordPress, you may download this free eBook on WordPress which will help you in this regard a lot. If you don’t like to download this you may follow the following links by which you will be able to learn about ins and outs of WordPress to create a new blog site  :

How to create your own WordPress blog site within 5 minutes

Necessary setting after installing WordPress

Watch the free WordPress video training (for beginners)

Or Creating YouTube channel and uploading unique videos:

Creating YouTube channel on YouTube and uploading unique video on that (YouTube) is another popular way to get approved Google AdSense Account. Nowadays its popularity has been skyscraper. Most of the people are not interested to write something on any topic or they are not able to write or they have no patience in this regard. If you are one of them, you can choose this way to get approved Google AdSense Account for earning money from Google AdSense.

Creating a YouTube channel is so easy, in this regard that you have to do is to create an account and then to create a channel on YouTube and start uploading unique videos (that you have created) on your own channel regularly. In order to create video you may use your mobile or use any professional video recorder camera. Besides, video recording and editing toots like Camtasia can be used to create screencast videos.

A matter is always noticed that most of the news owners of YouTube channel cannot take decision that –what type of video should be created for their channel? In this regard they waste much time in vain. In order to help you to take decision promptly, here I have given some examples, such as usually house wives like to create cooking-related videos, girls are interested to create fashion related videos, heath conscious people like to create heath tips related videos, teachers are interested to create to education related videos, geeks like to create technology based videos and so on. Actually in the last couple of years endless possibilities haves been created in this field by the help of YouTube. I mean that space is available for everyone in this track. If once your YouTube channel is able to be active for few days with some constantly uploaded unique videos then you must be eligible to earn money form your previously uploaded videos.

You can follow this link and apply for monetization.

By following my advice if are able to obtain any one of the above web properties then you are eligible to apply for AdSense Account.

Getting an approved Google AdSense Account is little bit difficult, but, if you work hard seriously it would not be difficult for you. Try to do remember that in order to be successful in this arena, you have to be patient. Otherwise you should not choose this track as your future career.

Apply for AdSense account:

In this stage you just have to fill up the application form of AdSense Account and wait for approval and nothing else.

Getting an approved Google AdSense Account takes maximum 7 days. Don’t be upset if your application is rejected. Try to find out the reason of rejection and take necessary steps to solve it. Actually it should be mentioned that Google always is interested about eligible publishers. So, getting approval at first time is always a little bit difficult.

After getting approved Google AdSense account what should you do next?

After getting approved AdSense account that you have to do next is to bring large number of traffic on your site those will help you to earn money from Google AdSense. Earlier it has been said already that the more you can bring traffics on your site, the more you can earn from Google AdSense. Besides, you have to give importance on optimization for your blog site. Try to gather some elementary AdSense optimization tips on AdSense Ads placement and Targeted high CPC Keywords. After completion of all these procedures (these procedures may take couple of months to be completed), you should focus on developing niche based AdSense sites. You can follow this link to get a free blueprint for niche based AdSense sites.

I hope that by following the above procedures, you will be able to earn money from Google AdSense and this article will be helpful for beginners. If you have any query in this regard, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thanks a lot for reading this article. If this article is helpful for you, you are requested to share it with your friends and nearest & dearest ones.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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