What is blog? How to earn money from blog? Or What are the easiest ways to earn money from blog?

What is blog?  How to earn money from blog?  Or What are the easiest ways to earn money from blog?
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Definition of blog: A blog is an online personal journal or diary which is updated frequently and allows you to express your personal opinions and preferences to everyone worldwide smoothly and quickly.

How to earn money from blog or by blogging?

Actually everybody wants to earn money from home always.  Previously it was not possible. But nowadays it has been possible with the help of internet. There are lot of scopes in the online world to make money from home. But most of the people don’t know anything about those opportunities. Earning money from blog is a way among those scopes. Today, I will try to describe in this article – how to earn money from a blogsite.

In order to make money from blogsite, first of all you have to create a professional blogsite for yourself and try to post good quality content on that regularly and then link your site with Google AdSense and it will be your first step to make money from your blogsite.

Your blogsite can be an earning machine in your life.  Huge amount of money can be earned in different ways with a blog.

Some easiest ways of earning from blog is shown below:

  1. By using membership account in blog:

If you want you can launch a membership option in your blog for important or detail information. For this service you can charge a specific amount of money monthly and you can earn huge money in this way.

  1. By joining Advertising Program:

It is one of the best earning way from blogsite. By this way ads can be displayed on you site and in return you will be paid for each click on the ads. Two types of ads network are seen in the online world, such as CPC/PPC Ads (Cost per click / pay per click) and CPM Ads (cost per 1,000 impressions).

CPC/PPC Ads network pays for each click on the ads and CPM Ads network pays a fixed amount on the basis of visitors’ number.

Google AdSense is considered as the best popular ad network .You may also choose others CPM ad networks, such as Advertising.com, BuySellAds, Media.net, Criteo and Conversant Media.

  1. By selling own Ad space:

If you have large number of visitors on your blogsite, private Ad Space can be sold to Advertisers. Advertisers may contact you directly with their proposal for placing their ads on your site. It may be buttons, banners and links of their site.

  1. By allowing Sponsored Post:

Sponsored post or gust post can be another great way to earn money from your site. If you have huge traffics on your site, you will get different proposal from advertises directly to post their article on your blogsite. In this case articles or contents are provided by advertises directly and you may earn $30 and $500 for each article.

  1. By including Affiliate Links in content:

Affiliate marketing can be a great earning source from a blog. Money can be earned by including affiliate link in your content. You will get commission from owner of the product or service on each sale if the buyer goes to their ecommerce sit from your blog site. After joining affiliate sites you will get huge number of unique affiliate links those you can include in your content or add to banner ads. And later on if any visitor clicks on the affiliate link and purchase something, you will be paid commission on each sale.

  1. By selling digital or virtual products:

Money can be earned by selling different digital or virtual products like Images, video, or music, online courses/workshops, Themes, Apps or plugins, eBooks and so on.

  1. By selling physical products:

By selling your own physical products you can earn lot of money like watch, ready-made garments, toys, home & kitchen appliance, furniture, TV, Mobile, camera etc.

  1. As a professional Blogger:

If you are able to write good quality content and able to be known as a good content writer through your blogsite then you will get huge offers from different blogsites to write article or content for their sites. And if you are agreed to their proposal, you will be paid huge amount of money for each written content or article.

  1. By adding Donation button:

You can add PayPal donation button to your blogsite. If any reader of your site is satisfied by reading your content or getting any desired information from your site, they may donate some money to your blogsite for your content or provided information through donation button.

  1. By writing Product review:

By writing product review on your site for any owner of the product you can earn huge amount of money from your blogsite. You will get large amount of money for each written review.

There are more much ways of earning money from blogsite in online world, out of those only 10 ways have been presented in this article. I will try to discuss about rest of the ways in my next articles continuously. If you are benefited by this article, please share it with your friends. Thanks a lot for reading the article.


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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