Best advertising networks for monetizing your Blog in 2020

Best advertising networks for monetizing your Blog in 2020
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Best advertising networks always are searched for by bloggers from different parts of the world to monetize their blogs . At present blogging is not only a hobby but also it has been able to open innumerable new doors of possibility for good quality content writers or creators. By this time blogging has been an earning source for many bloggers worldwide. If you can be a professional blogger, you can earn huge money from your blog site in different ways. Blogging allows you to express your personal opinions and preferences to everyone worldwide easily and promptly without any hassle. Since anyone  can communicate with innumerable visitors or readers by blogging quickly and smoothly,  a lot of scopes have been created for anyone for making huge amount of money online from anywhere. And in order to make money online you have to monetize your blog site with a best Advertising Networks or Ad Networks. There are many Ad networks in online world for monetizing blog. Choosing the best Advertising networks for this purpose is very difficult sometimes. If you are able to choose best one or ones for monetizing your blog then making money online will be easier for you. But choosing the right Ad network for right blog is really difficult. Actually this article has been written only to help you in this regard.
To make money by monetizing your blog that you have to do is –you have to display ads on your site those (ads) are usually served by several Ad Networks for the owners of blog sites. For this reason, most of the owners of the blogs are to depend on different Ad Networks to earn money by displaying ads on their own blogs. Ad Networks play very important role to bring the advertisers and publishers on the same virtual platform so that they (advertisers and publishers) are able to achieve their respective goals smoothly without any hassle and misunderstanding. And this task is always not easy for all Advertising Networks if they are not skilled and have no any previous experience in this regard. For this reason, choosing a right and best Advertising Networks for right blog is always important. To help you to take decision in this regard smoothly, some best advertising networks for monetizing Blog have been mentioned in this article.
Before going to main  discussion,you should know about  CPM Ad Networks. CPM stands for Cost Per Impression. As online advertising network CPM Ad Networks has been able to draw attention of innumerable publishers worldwide which pay the publishers when ads on their (publishers’) blogs are visited 1000 times. Depending on advertisers, website type, country location CPM rates can be different. If you have large number of traffics on your site you will be able to earn huge money with CPM ads.
For example, a simple calculation of earnings with CPM Ad Network has been presented here-
If you have per day total 20000 visitors along with 40000 page views and CPM rate is $2 then your per day earning can be calculated as follow-
40000/1000=40 CPM x $2= $80/per day. I think this amount is not so small.
Before applying for these CPM Ad Networks read their requirements carefully as requirements of those networks are always not same. Their requirements vary from company to company.

In this article about some best advertising networks for monetizing your Blog in 2020 have  been discussed .
The best advertising networks those pay satisfactory CPM rates have been mentioned below for your convenience:
1. Google AdSense :
Google AdSense is the largest and most popular online advertising network in the best advertising networks world which is totally free and provides you the opportunity to make money online by placing ads on your own blog.
Though it is most admired online advertising network, getting approval from Google AdSense is a little bit difficult. To avoid this difficulties and to get approved you should follow the guideline of Google AdSense carefully from the very begging.
Google AdSense is especially famous for serving CPC ads and CPM ads. Several types of ads are shown by Google AdSense, such as video ads, search result ads, display ads, banner ads and mobile ads. The ads those are shown on your blog is always relevant to your content. Besides, here you are allowed to choose the type of ads as per your expectation.
At a glance some features of Google AdSense-
It is easy to find huge advertisers
It is so easy to join AdSense advertising programs and display ads on your own website.
Here Ad unit can be created easily.
Here web content relevant ads are displayed.
Publishers are paid through check or ETF (Electronic Fund Transfer)
2. Adbuff:
Adbuff is a famous online advertising network which can be AdSense Alternative ad network for you. Adbuff is considered as one of the best CPM & CPC ad networks which is a Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform. AdSense competes directly with other competitors for monetizing your blog thorough Adbuff. By running AdSense and Adbuff together, you will even be able to double your page RPM. In order to get approval from Adbuff, you have to follow some its strict rules. Nowadays the publishers those have English website or blog with huge traffics from Canada, Australia, USA and Uk and minimum 2000 unique visitors per day on their sites are being accepted by Adbuff. It may take from 5 to 7 days to get approval from this online advertising network.
At a glance some features of Adbuff –
Bonuses are paid weekly.
A creative Real-time dashboard which gives real-time reports.
It shares high revenue.
3. Adsterra:
Adsterra is one of the most popular and fast growing online best advertising networks which has more than 10 billion geo-targeted impression per month and several attractive options for the publishers. Here publishers are allowed to use display banner, popunder, mobile display banner, slider ads and much more options to monetize their blogs. Here publishers get their payment on-time twice in a week via major payment systems. Adsterra has got also 5% referral program.
At a glance some features of Adsterra-
Model: CPA, CPC, CPM
Minimum traffic requirement: 50000 per day
4. UberCPM Ad Network:
At present UberCPM Ad Network is being recommended for small and medium publishers .You may use any network like Adsense with this network simultaneously. 80% of revenue is shared by this advertising network with its publishers. Here some publishers are able to earn up to $10 eCPM. You should give advertisers 4-5 days to review your blog or website for optimizing your eCPM.

At a glance some features of Adsterra UberCPM Ad Network-
CPM rate may increase up to $10 Monthly payment are sent to publishers through PayPal. Real Time Statistics and several reports on your business status are available for your convenience. Ads can be displayed on your site safely along with Google Adsense at the same time. This network is suitable for medium and small publishers. Model: CPA, CPV, CPM, CPC
Minimum traffic requirement: 500,000
5. is most popular and 2nd largest online advertising network / platform in the online best advertising networks world which serves ads from Yahoo Bing contextual ad network. consist of large national and local advertises and has been able to reach more than 100 million US desktop users. Customer service of is very much admired. You can communicate with customer service representative anytime. They never forget to respond within 24 hours and they always give you good suggestion to improve your performance rapidly. Ads of are SSL compliant. You can place ads in a floating/fixed/sticky sidebar zone but you can’t place Adsense ads in these zones. When you log into your dashboard, then you can see live ad impression count.

At a glance some features of Adsterra UberCPM Ad Network-
Model: CPA, CPM, CPC
Minimum traffic requirement: None
6. Ad Maven:
At present Ad Maven has been able to present itself as an important alterative to Google Adsense by offering their publishers a lot of monetization ways like Banner, Popunder, Lightbox, , Interstitial, Slider ads and much more . More than 500 million full page ad impressions are being served by Ad Maven daily.
After completion of registration you will get approval from Ad Maven instantly and you will receive access to the user friendly platform of Ad Maven. Usually at first Ad Maven identify your blog type and then they offer you your niche relevant ads so that you can succeed in your online business easily. They also offer an Adblock bypass solution which allows you to present ads to cent percent visitors of your blog. As a result your income may increase up to 50%. That’s why Ad Maven can be included in best advertising networks  also
7. Infolinks:

Infolinks is considered as one of the best advertising networks  which enable the publishers for monetizing their blogs to the optimum level. In-Text CPM Ads are usually provided by Infolinks. And if you are owner of any text based blog of website then you can choose Infolinks to generate income rapidly. Because, it is noticed that the publishers with text based blog who choose this online advertising network for monetizing their blogs most of them can succeed in this track easily. Banner ads of other Ad networks can be used here for earning revenue from site contents. Infolinks has got a lot of ads for your content relevant keyword. Any publisher can involve himself with this online advertising network form very initial stage as it (Infolinks) has no any minimum visitors requirement for publishers. Nowadays it is working with the very popular and biggest advertisers like Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Facebook etc.

Usually Almost all blogs are approved by this advertising network. Four kinds of ads are offered by Infolinks, such as insearch, inframe, intag ads and intext ads.
At present it is generating large amount of revenue in more than 130 countries for over 200000 publishers. Any publisher can easily integrate his site into this advertising network without any setup fee.
At a glance some features of Infolinks-

Model: CPV, CPI, Auction, CPM, CPC, CPA
Minimum traffic requirement: None
Followed payment method: Western Union, e-check, PayPal
8. Revcontent:
As a content recommendation platform Revcontent is the biggest advertising network in the online best advertising networks  world which is serving 100 billion content recommendations per month with an astonishing yearly growth rate of 900%.
It is a bit difficult to join Revcontent as almost 98% of requests of publishers are rejected by the authority of Revcontent. Actually it gives importance on quality instead of quantity. This policy has helped Revcontent a lot to generate higher profit, better engagement rates and reliable visitors for their partners. Revcontent v2 has just been launched by this advertising network as part of their development. As a result transparent report and customized options are available for the publishers.

At a glance some features of Revcontent-
Model: CPC
Minimum traffic requirement: N/A
9. AdBlade:
AdBlade advertising network is known as content-style ad network platform which has got different types of campaign strategies, such as typical CPC and CPM, affiliate product CPA and survey-like CPL offers. AdBlade always helps its clients to reach the targeted purchasers of the local markets with the help of local marketing strategies. Different prominent names, such as USA today, Fox news, U.S. News and much more names are involved with this content-style ad network platform.
This network only accepts the traffic from US, UK, Canada and Australia.
AdBlade is suitable for the news-related website with traffics from US, UK, Canada and Australia.
At a glance some features of AdBlade-
Minimum traffic requirement: 500,000 impressions per month

In this context you can include  AdBlade in best advertising networks also.

10. Undertone:
At present Undertone is being considered as one of the most creative and dominant online advertising network like other best advertising networks which helps publishers for monetizing their inventory in an effective way with their latest technology. Undertone always gets involved with prominent brand advertisers so that publishers are able to get high quality ads and higher rates. IAB and high-value proprietary ad formats are supported by this advertising network. As a result publishers can monetize their own smartphone and tablets inventory also by involving their visitors with classical ads. It offers higher eCPM rates for global traffics so that publishers can make enough profit. Publishers having minimum 500,000 visitors per month are only eligible to be involved with Undertone.

At a glance some features of Undertone-
Minimum traffic requirement: 500,000

11. BidVertiser:
BidVertiser is another renowned ad network which gives importance on pop under, slider advertising and banners for both mobile and pc. The ads those are published from BidVertiser are comparable to the ads published under the terms and conditions of AdSense. BidVertiser serves several types of online ads model like CPM , CPC and CPA . To get approval from this ad network, you don’t have to wait for long time since you can start promoting their ads on your site as soon as you sign up. You don’t have to face any problem as long as you follow their terms and conditions. Website verification is needed to prove the ownership of your website. Multiple ad formats like skyscrapers, rectangles, banners and mobile are supported by this ad network . In  the light of above features , you can’t avoid this network to include in the best advertising networks .

At a glance some features of BidVertiser- Model: CPC, CPM
Minimum traffic requirement: None
12. Vibrant Media:
Vibrant Media is another popular online ad network which offers different ad formats like in-image, lightbox, storyboard, mosaic, brand canvas, in-text and standard IAB display ad units. Vibrant Media can be chosen as your primary ad dis-player ad network platform according to your requirements. Besides, their native ad solution can be used to increase your revenue without changing the existing ad configuration.
Since these ads are responsive, these can be displayed on multiple platforms like other best advertising networks.

At a glance some features of Vibrant Media-
Model: CPC, CPM
Minimum traffic requirement: None
13. Clicksor:
More than 900 million ad impressions on over 100,000 specialized websites are served by Clicksor. In addition to regular banner ads, as alternative ad format rich media, interstitials, pop-unders and in-text ads are offered by this ad network regularly.For this reason this network can be also be admired like other best advertising networks .  Clicksor serves ads for your site and scans all the texts on your blog by using latest technologies. Here publishers are paid weekly. Clicksor offers self-registration method for webmasters to sign up. After completion of registration you will not be allowed to display ads on your site instantly. Because, Clicksor staff will review your site and if everything is ok then you will get approval from Clicksor authority and finally you will be able to display ads on your site.
At a glance some features of Clicksor-
Minimum traffic requirement: None
14. is another large online advertising network which gets about 2 million impression per day. It is also known as a part of AOL advertising which display advertisement. By completing the sign up process on all publishers can have access to AOL advertising network easily. In order to get approved by your site should have minimum 500,000 impressions per month. Before getting approval your site have to be verified by It serves several types of ads like text ads, video and display.

At a glance some features of which make this network like other best advertising networks
Model: CPA, CPM, CPC
Minimum traffic requirement: 500,000 impressions per month

15. Creafi Online Media:
Creafi Online Media is known as a CPC/CPM/Pop-up ad network which is suitable for bloggers and webmasters who have been able to grow their traffics to 100,000 or more than 100,000 impression per month. Its premium ads help publishers to earn higher than before. You will also get back up ads from this online advertising network, if it (Creafi Online Media) doesn’t have advertisers for specific locations (countries). That means, you can earn money even in this situation.
It pays different types of commission like CPC, CPM, and PoP. Publishers can receive their income through wire Transfer, PayPal and Cheque.
At a glance some features of Creafi Online Media-

Model: CPC, CPV, CPM,
Minimum traffic requirement: 1,00,000
16. Epom Market:
Epom Market is considered as one of the highest paying advertising networks in this industry. Epom Market is a highly admired and popular ad network with worldwide geographical coverage which brings eligible publishers and top advertisers on the same virtual platform. It is known as cross-advertising network which offers different types of ad format for all platforms and channels. Because of smart campaign optimization, real-time reporting and deep level targeting, both advertisers and publishers are paid higher revenues regularly. They always try to ensure 100% fill rates and highest eCPM rates along with the access to innumerable advertisers worldwide. Epom Market never accept Adult-content site. Here publishers get scope of viewing real time reporting on their sites and also have access to filter ads.
At a glance some features of Epom Market-
Model: CPA, CPM, CPC, Auction
Minimum traffic requirement: 500,000
17. Media Nexus:
Media Nexus is another popular CPM online advertising network with market of fashion, travel, style, arts and food which has been able to build deep relationship between publishers and advertisers. Media Nexus is suitable especially for small publishers since in order to get approval from Media Nexus, You don’t need to have huge number of page views on your site. Just you need minimum (50% of your total traffics) US traffic on your blog.
Here publishers can see real time report on their site regularly. After getting approval you will get different technical support and you will be offered different types of ad formats from this advertising network. You can receive your money through PayPal and Wire transfer.

At a glance some features of Media Nexus-
Model: CPV, CPM, CPC.
Minimum traffic requirement: Just you need minimum (50% of your total traffics) US traffic.
18. Haxhax:
Haxhax ad network is one of the best ad networks in this industry which serves different types of ads like rich media, video ads, traditional display ads and mobile ads. Here you will be provided multi-screen ad servicing, an auto-invoicing system facility and comprehensive reporting. You can receive your revenue through Wire transfer and PayPal

At a glance some features of Haxhax-
Model: CPC, CPV, CPM, Auction
Minimum traffic requirement: 500,000

19. PropellerAds:
PropellerAds is known as one of the biggest online advertising networks in this industries which has been able to bring large number of publishers and advertisers on the same online platform.
Different type of top-performing monetization tools including Mobile Dialog, Interstitial, flagship OnClick popunder and Native Direct links are offered by this online advertising networks always.
It supports different standard sizes of banner ads like 160×600, 120×600, 728×90, and 300×250.
PropellerAds consists of over 150,000 publishers and dynamic advertisers with the goal of generating much more profit from blog and mobile traffics with the latest effective monetization tools in this industry.
As a PropellerAds publisher, money can be made not only from your blog site, but also from online games, widgets, social groups, software, and mobile apps.
Once if you get approval from this advertising network then you can take the benefit of detail real-time reporting, a 100% monetized inventory, in- time payout and a personal account manager.

At a glance some features of PropellerAds-
Model: CPC, CPA, CPM
Minimum traffic requirement: None
20. BlogAds:
BlogAds is an online advertising platform which was established in 2002. Here advertisers and publishers are offered different services. Thousands of prominent blog like Cute Overload, PerezHilton, DailyKos, Wonkette and more much sites are represented by BlogAds. It is easy to set up on your blog and after getting approval form BlogAds you can operate more than one sites form a single account. Over your advertising the different high level of controls those are offered are- allowing you to select ads sizes, customize the outlook of ads, fix your own prices and accept or refuse ads. No monthly fee is charged. It supports most common IAB ad sizes. It allows you to place niche relevant ads only. Various types of ads like tweetable video ads, IAB units, native advertising skins and more different ads are served by this advertising network. At present the different websites and platforms those are receiving the services from BlogAds are- Go Fug Yourself, Artois, Americablog, Crooks , Liars, Perez Hilton, Talking Points Memo, Daily Kos and more much.

At a glance some features of BlogAds-

Model: CPA, CPC
Minimum traffic requirement: None

21. PulsePoint:
PulsePoint is known as CPM advertising network in this industry which is working with world’s leading advertisers and publishers successfully and generating over 3 billion impression daily. Lot of useful tools and services are provided by PulsePoint to their publishers regularly so that they (publishers) can increase their revenue promptly. PulsePoint allows cross-platform monetization and gives different types of ad formats those are visible on tablet devices, mobiles, blog or web. It offers higher eCPM rates than other advertisers. The websites having US traffics get higher rates than the websites with non US traffics. You don’t have to show minimum number of traffics to get approval from this advertising network. Before serving ads on sites, all websites to be viewed by PulsePoint.
PulsePoint uses advanced reporting system that helps you to get real-time statistics and actual earning repots of your site. Here you can receive your earnings through PayPal, Cheque and Wire Transfer

At a glance some features of PulsePoint –

Model: CPM
Minimum traffic requirement: None
22. Conversant (ValueClick Media):
Conversant is known as a large display advertising network in this industry which is operating campaigns for more than 5000 brands every months. Fully transparent campaign report along with all activities & revenue data are offered by this online advertising network regularly.
Cross-platform advertising solutions of Conversant enable their all publishers in order to maximize their earnings from smart phone device.
Conversant offers standard display ads. Besides, it offers various types of ad format like rich media, banners, over the page, in-text rollovers, static and more much ads

At a glance some features of Conversant –
Model: CPA, CPM, CPC
Minimum traffic requirement: None
23. AdCash:
AdCash is considered as one of the foremost online advertising networks in this industry which serves high-quality ads from leading advertisers. Its exclusive pricing modeled is designed very carefully so that their publishers can monetize their contents effectively and can earn higher profit from their blogs smoothly compared to others. Every month more than 20 billion ad impressions are commanded on mobile, desktop and tablet by this online advertising networks worldwide. To succeed in this industry AdCash follows different Campaign strategies like CPV, CPA, CPL, CPM, CPC, CPI, Performance Based Marketing, Lead Generation, Ad Server Technology, Online Advertising, and Affiliate Marketing Network.
All industry standard and exclusive display formats like interstitial, slide-in, background, site under, footer and more are supported by AdCash always. At present it runs more than 1000 ad campaigns.

At a glance some features of AdCash-
Minimum traffic requirement: N/A
24. Chitika:
Chitika is known as an alternative ad network to AdSense which has got more than 350,000 publishers on its own network and distributes more than 4 billion ads per months. Its approval process are little bit easier than that of others. Besides, to get approved you don’t need minimum number of traffics. Here you will get right mix of ads with Real Time Bidding and also get an online publishers control panel which will help you to monitor your ad impressions and income status. Chitika and other ad networks like AdSense ad can be used in same page without violating terms and conditions. Here you will get high CPC rate. Your earning can be received through PayPal, Check.

At a glance some features of Chitika-
Model: CPC
Minimum traffic requirement: None
25. Tribal Fusion (acquired by Exponential):
Tribal Fusion is considered as a famous CPM online ad network of which CPM rates are always highest in this industry. Here you will receive your earning on time and will be offered real-time reporting, free ad-serving technology and dedicated account manager. Tribal Fusion allows you to control the content of ads by blocking ad categories which makes this ad network unique from others. Getting approval from Tribal Fusion is a bit easier but not so easy. In order to get approved by Tribal Fusion you should have minimum 500,000 unique visitors per month which is really difficult. Here you will be paid 55% of your total income and rest of the portion (45%) will be kept for them (Tribal Fusion)
At a glance some features of Tribal Fusion –
Minimum traffic requirement: 500,000
26. WWW Promoter:
WWW Promoter is a reputable online advertising network or platform which works directly with publishers worldwide and gives them latest monetization tools so that publishers can enhance their blog or website performance smoothly. Here, you will get performance-based competitive eCPM and fill rates and will be offered high-performing full page pops ads and standard display banners ad those will help you to maximize your income without prior experience. Besides, WWW Promoter provides different type of reports regarding web performance so that publishers can monitor their income status closely and easily from anywhere.
At a glance some features of WWW Promoter-
Minimum traffic requirement: 1,000,000
Ad formats: Banner Ads, Pop Up/Under and Display Ads
Minimum payout: $50
Payment Methods: Payoneer, Wire Transfer, PayPal

A brief discussion on some best advertising networks for monetizing your Blog has been presented above so that by reading this article publishers can take their decision in this regard easily. If you like this article please share it with your friends in Social Medias. And if you have any question in this regard, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thanks a lot for reading this article.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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