How to start blogging professionally step by step?

How to start blogging professionally step by step?
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Start blogging professionally step by step : Nowadays blogging is not only a hobby but also it has opened innumerable new doors of possibility for good quality content writers. It can be an earning source for your life. If you are able to be a professional blogger, you can earn huge amount of money from your blog site in different ways. Blogging allows you to express your personal opinions and preferences to everyone worldwide easily and promptly. Since you can communicate with innumerable visitors or readers by blogging smoothly and promptly, it (blogging) has been able to create countless new opportunities for making huge money online.

Today in this article I will present some tips on How to start blogging professionally step by step?’ It should be mentioned that this article has been written especially for them who want to commence blogging professionally but have no any idea in this regard. And I think, this article would help them a lot.

Dear friend, today we wouldn’t like to make late any more. So, let us read the article – How to start blogging professionally step by step?

You can start blogging professionally by following five steps those have been presented below:

  1. Choose right web hosting provider
  2. Select perfect Domain Name
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Create unique best quality content
  5. Try to bring visitors (traffic) on your site


Using the above tips you will be able to start bogging promptly and learn how to bring visitors on your site and how to earn from blog smoothly. Now, read the detail discussion which has been mentioned below:


  1. Choose right web hosting provider:

In order to start blogging first of all you should have a professional blog site which to be created either by yourself or by any website developer. Before developing   a blog site you have to choose a best web hosting provider. Otherwise you can’t succeed in this in this track .Actually some important features of web hosting provider play vital role in the development of website ranking. In order to know detail in this regard you are requested to read my another article “What is web hosting? Why is it essential for your website? What features of Hosting package should be considered before buying Hosting package?”

For example,   loading time of website is always important factor for visitors and website ranking. A committed web hosting provider always provides good services.

  1. Select perfect Domain Name:

Domain name is very important for your blog site and for optimizing your site .Actually the name of a website or blog site is called domain, such as – is an example of domain name. Domain name is always unique. It is the main contact point of your site which your visitors will get with your blog site .This name will be the actual address of your website. Usually home page of a site is situated in the domain name.

Some web hosting providers offer free domain name when you sign up to shared hosting package. So, in that case you will get scope to register your domain-hosting at the same time.

  1. Install WordPress

WordPress is open source CMS (Content Management System). Basically WordPress is used for developing website. Dynamic website can be developed with WordPress easily. Every day innumerable blog sites or websites are being developed worldwide with WordPress. Nowadays WordPress is widely used, most admired and popular Content Management System. Anyone can create a dynamic blog site with WordPress without having any programming knowledge .This CMS software can be used free. Beside, its themes and plugin can be used free also.

At a glance some advantages of WordPress:

It is totally free to download

It is so easy to install and customize

It is so fast and secured.

Developing a blog site with WordPress and having it run are so easy.

WordPress is considered as the best CMS (Content Management System) for creating blog site.

No technical skill is required to learn WordPress

No money is needed for hosting WordPress.

After installation of WordPress you will receive an email along with username & password and login URL from WordPress authority and will have access to dashboard so that you can control over your entire blog site smoothly.

  1. Create unique best quality content

Unique content can draw the attention of huge number of visitors and bring them on your site regularly and it (Unique content) always plays vital role to improve the web rank of your site. At the time of writing content try to follow the techniques those are accepted by SEO Rules. Always try to remember that you can never draw the attention of any visitor if your contents are not up to the mark. That’s why try to write best quality unique content based on readers’ demand.

  1. Try to bring visitors (traffic) on your site

It is said that traffic is the life of a blog site. Without traffic you will be not able to earn from your blog. If no one comes to your blog site to read then your all effort in this regard will be unsuccessful. After adding content on your site you have to give importance on increasing the traffic number on your site. And it is very important. In order to do this ,you have to be habituated to apply different SEO technique on your site and use different digital marketing tools for your site which will help you to bring large number of visitors to blog site. If once you are able to gather huge number of permanent visitors (who will visit your site regularly) on your site, then earning money is not difficult. Whenever any visitor will click on your ads or buy any product or service through your affiliate link, you will be paid at once. Besides, when you will have large number of regular visitors on your site then you may encourage those visitors to subscribe to your email list so that you can communicate with them later on. In this way you can increase the number of visitors on your site.

I think that if you follow the above five steps you will be able to start blogging for making money from your blog site in different ways. But, remember – in order to be succeed in this business you have to be patient, otherwise you should not choose track. Thank a lot for reading my article. If you like this article, please share it with your friends.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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