Top that 77 easy ways to make money online may surprise you

Top that 77 easy ways to make money online may surprise you
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Everybody wants to make money online. But, most of them don’t know how to make money online. And how many ways are open to make money online.   At present large number of people are earning money online from different parts of the world. And some of them are really earning enough amount of money which is really good news for beginners.

Nowadays a question is asked Often worldwide that how to make extra money at home online? My answer to this question is – If you get proper guideline about making money online then you can earn money online. And even you will be able to earn a lot of money such as ,$3000 to $10000 per month or this amount may be more than your expectation .

In order to make money online that you will need is a computer with internet connection and nothing else.

Because of invention of internet, nowadays in-numerous ways of earning online have been opened.  I have presented some important and easy earning ways here out of those ways so that you can choose the right earning ways at the time of taking decision in this regard:

1.  Making money online with Micro Jobs:

Doing short task is called Micro Jobs. This job includes several type of tasks like writing comments, reading emails, watching videos, completing surveys and so on. I always recommend this types of Jobs, because these are easier than others jobs.

Here some Micro Jobs sites are here for your convenience:

  ClixSense-one of the most popular recommended sites.

  Swagbux– It can be the best site for you if you are from US, UK and Canada.



  mTurk–It is known as one of the best crowd-sourcing sites. A large number of people earn enough money from this site.


2. Making money by blogging:

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. If you have a professional blog-site then lot of ways will be open in front of you to make money online. By bogging you can earn more than $1000 per month. World top bloggers are earning more than a million dollars online monthly which is really simple matter in the online world. There are several ways of earning by blogging, such as earning with affiliate marketing & CPA marketing, Google AdSense or any other Top best Ad networks, guest posting, and many more.

3. Earning by Freelancing:

Freelancing is very familiar way to earn money online. Anyone can join freelancing market place anytime form any part of the world to get different jobs. Innumerable several jobs are available in these kind of market places . Here you can work as part time or full time freelancer. As a freelancer you can provide different services to your buyers, such as writing articles, data entry, virtual assistance services, website designing, SEO services, video editing, Social media marketing, graphic design services and so on.

4. Earning through AdSense and others Ad networks:

In order to make money online through AdSense, you will need a website or blog where you can place AdSense ads. Whenever visitors will come to your site and click on any AdSense ads then google will pay you 55% of the received amount from their advertisers.

You can also place ads on your blog from others ad networks and make money online at the same way.

5. Earning money with YouTube:

YouTube is another important way of earning money online. If you like to make video then YouTube will be the right place for you to make money online. Just make unique videos and upload those on YouTube. If your video quality is good then visitors will come to watch your videos regularly. When your channel watch time will touch 4000 watch hour along with 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months then your channel will get permission to apply for YouTube Partnership account. After obtaining approval from YouTube authority you will be able to make money online with your own YouTube channel.

 6. Earning through Affiliate Marketing Network:

If you have a website or blog with lot of traffics then you can join different Affiliate marketing networks like commission junction, click bank, click sour and so on. You will find here large number of different products or services from different advertisers. To make money online through those Affiliate marketing networks that you have to do is – just copy the product links from those Affiliate Marketing Networks and pest those on your own website and nothing else. Whenever any traffic will click on these affiliate links and complete any action then you will be paid.

7. Earning through Individual affiliate marking company:

Individual affiliate marking company is little bit different form Affiliate marketing networks. Here you can choose any one out of different renowned Individual affiliate marking company like AWeber, HostGator, SEMRush, Amazon, Flipkart or any other company that is related to your niche. You can also make money online through these Individual affiliate marking companies.

8. Earning with URL shortener:

It is one of the easiest ways to make money online. To earn with URL shortener that you have to do is –just join different URL shortener service companies like Bitly or Google URL shortener and start shortening URL and share those on different websites, social medias. And whenever any visitor will click on those links then you will be paid for every click.

9. Become a seller on e-commerce sites and start earning:

You can start makig money online    anytime if you become a seller on different e-commerce sites like Amazon e-commerce sites  and eBay where you will be able to sell innumerable products. You will make money online whenever you can sell any product on those e-commerce sites. Selling product on those sites is very easy.

10. Earn money as a freelancing writer:

If you are passionate about writing or you are skilled in writing article on different topics then you can utilize your this skill to make money online. There are several websites in online word where you will get lot of scopes to earn money by your writing skills. The writing jobs that are typically offered by these sites are copy writing, content writing, story writing and so on. The sites that are offering these type job are Fiverr, Upwork, iWriter, Elance and many more.

11. Earn money by writing review:

Writing reviews with honesty for visited places or restaurants, or for watched movies, you can make money online. There are many companies and different third parties in online world where skilled & honest review writers are always offered to write reviews for them.

12. Earn money through online consultancy:

At present it is a very popular way to make money online for those people who have a lot of experience in any particular field. For example, if you are a teacher or doctor or lawyer or engineer or trainer of any field with enough experience then you can start online consultancy firm from your home anytime. You can provide your services through your own website or blog, different social medias skype, phone and so on.

13. Make money online providing SEO services:

Importance of SEO is increasing day by day worldwide rapidly. As a result SEO base industries are being established all over the world promptly. If you have enough experience in SEO then you will get lot of SEO based job on different freelancing market places like Upwork, Fiverr and so on. Besides, as an entrepreneur you can also establish a new SEO firm. Keep it in mind that it is very hot and popular earning sector in online world.

14. Earning with SEM:

SEM stands for search engine marketing which is extension of SEO. At present it is another popular and important way to make money online by which you can earn lot of money from any corner of the world. Here, you will be paid 10% to 20% of total advertising budget. But, before applying for this job, you should have enough experience on Facebook ads, Google AdWords, Bing ads and so on.

15. Make money online by designing professional newsletter:

Attractive newsletter can easily drive traffics to specific website or its product or service always.That’s why the demand of professional newsletter is increasing rapidly. So, if you are able to design professional newsletter then you can earn lot of money from renowned freelancing marketplaces.

16. Earning money online with email marketing:

At present email marketing is playing a vital role in digital marketing to drive targeted traffics to specific website or blog.  If you are skilled enough in email marketing then you can apply for this job in different freelancing marketplace like UpWork, Fiverr and so on. It is not difficult job, anyone can do it from his home and earn money easily. Here, you just have to send newsletter to targeted customers along with product or service information through email to drive them to clients’ website or blog and nothing else.

17. Make money online by selling Email address list or database:

Collecting email address of targeted traffics is a bit difficult task. But, if you are able to collect large number email address of targeted traffics by using your website or blog or any tools then you can sell those email address list to several clients again and again. And you can also use those for your own affiliate marketing. Besides, this list can be sold in Fiverr anytime easily.

18. Earn money online through social media marketing:

At present social media marketing is playing an important role for promoting any product or service or and any brand. Importance of social media marketing can’t be ignored if you want to succeed in business. Are you familiar with different social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and so on? If so- you should use those medias to build your career at once. Keep it in mind that nowadays the demand of social media marketing (SMM) expert is skyscraping in online business world.

19. Social Media Manager:

Since at present the social medias play an important role in online business, the demand of social media manager is also sky-scraping. Nowadays, Most of the companies want to employ minimum one social media marketer or manager only to interact with their followers and fans on different social medias. Besides, the tasks those are included in his job list are maintenance of Facebook fan page, to create ads, to run campaign, to reply comments and so on. Social media managers are always paid high salary. But, remember that in order to apply for this job, you should have enough experience on different social medias.

20. Earn money through domain flipping business:

Domain flipping business means trading business of domain. Within a short time anyone can be rich through this business. To run this business that you have to do is – buy domains at lower price and sell those at higher price and nothing else. In order to get a bit idea in this regard, you may search for the list of most expensive or cheapest or trending domains in Google. Keep it in your mind that before involving yourself in this business, you have to research the market or demand trend deeply.

21. WordPress Plugins:

If you have much experience about WordPress theme and different plugins then you can earn much money by developing website or blog for your clients through renowned freelancing marketplaces like UpWork, Fiverr etc.

22. Website flipping business:

Website flipping business is like domain flipping business and it is very popular in online business world. In online world there are different renowned website trading business marketplaces those are familiar as Website flipping business platform where websites are traded at 10 to 20 times higher price than regular monthly earning. In order to start this business, you should have such a website which has large number of traffics along with satisfactory earning history of last six months.

From different parts of the world interested persons come here only to buy website.  They buy website and write articles for that site regularly and simultaneously try to get it optimized and whenever they get large number of traffics on that site and are able to earn some money then they try to sell it on these type of marketplaces at higher price. For your convenience names of some renowned Website flipping business platforms have been mentioned in this article like Empire Flippers, Flippa and so on.

23. Earn money by providing Coding services:

Any freelancer having experience of coding can help web developers to develop website quickly and professionally and also can solve any website related problem easily. So, if you have enough skill on coding then you can earn much money online from anywhere.

24. Earn money by developing website with PHP:

If you are skilled in developing website with PHP then you can earn a lot of money from different freelancing market places like Fiverr, UpWork and so on. On freelancing marketplaces demand of this job is sky-scraping.

25. Earn money by developing mobile apps:

Developing mobile app for android or iOS devices is always profitable business in online business world. If you are enough skilled in developing different innovative mobile apps then you have a golden chance to earn money from several freelancing marketplaces. Besides, you will get different alluring offers from different business organization or individuals to develop customized apps for them.

It should be mentioned here that to be succeed in this arena first of all you have to gather enough experience in this regard.

26. Transcription:

Transcription jobs are always available on different renowned freelancing marketplaces. This is very easy job – you just have to copy and write something from one medium to another and nothing else and you will be paid money after completion of each job.

27. Translating job:

If you are proficient in any language then you can take this translating job as profession.  You will get this type of job on different freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr, UpWork etc. Here you have to translate from one language to another. And you will be paid for this job.


28. Tech support job:

If you have skill to solve the computer hardware or software or networking related problems then you can take Tech support job as your career. Because, you will get lot of clients on freelancing marketplaces who want to get this type of problems solved by skilled persons. So, if you have experience in this regard then you can start at once.

29. Become virtual business assistants:

Nowadays importance of virtual business assistant is increasing quickly. So, you can take this job as career and earn money from anywhere. These type of jobs are available on freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr, UpWork and so on. As a virtual business assistance you have to assist your client to save his important time from different aspect.

30. Earning money online with data entry job:

Data entry job is considered as the easiest way to earn money online from anywhere. Here, typically those actions to be done are –to covert word file into excel file or excel into word or PDF file into word file and many more. In this arena jobs are always available. So, you don’t have to be worried about jobs. But, keep it in your mind that, always try to work on reliable freelancing marketplaces like UpWork, Fiverr and so on. Because there are innumerable scammers in this job sector.

31. Earning money online by filling survey forms:

By filling survey forms you can earn enough money. It is very easy job, just you have to fill several survey forms and will earn huge money. Depending on length of form, each survey form takes 5 to 20 minutes to be completed. After completion of the survey company will pay you.

32. Online focus group:

Usually large business organizations always want to get feedback from their consumers regarding products or services that they use. If you help these type of companies to get feedback then you will be paid.

33. Online tutoring job:

If you are good in any subject then you can teach online any student of any part of the world via Skype or other software from anywhere. In this regard website like can help you a lot to find suitable tutoring job.

34. Earn money with PTC sites:

PTC stands for paid to click .The persons who want to earn money without investment can join these type of PTC sites. Here that you have to do is – you will just click a link and will stay over there for sometime and nothing else and you will get paid. You will get small amount of money for this action, but- if you have large number of referral then you can earn more than $1000 per month.

35. Earn with Podcasting:

Podcasting is another easy way of earning money online. If you are good in any subject like management, finance, English or any subject else then you can create videos on any of these subjects and sell those online .There are many people in online world who want to buy these type of videos. So, if you are proficient enough in any subject then you can start earning by this way at once.

36. Earn money by selling ebooks:

If you are skilled on any subject like SEO, English, cooking, medical science etc then you can publish eBook and can sell those online without any hassle easily for $1 to $50 per copy.

37. Earn money as columnist of online newspaper:

If you have enough experience of writing as an online columnist of different online newspapers then you can earn huge money online from any corner of this world. It should be mentioned here that as a job, it is very honorable job.

38. Earn money by sharing content:

If you are able to write unique and creative content then you can earn lot of money online. For example, if once your written content is viral then you have golden chance of earning huge money online.

39. Earn money through Contextual Advertising and info-links network:

If your blog has some traffics then you will be able to monetize it with info-links and Contextual Advertising network. Here you will earn for displaying anchor texts and ads which contain a link.

40.  Earn money with visual arts and designing jobs:

If you are experienced graphic designer then you will be able to earn much money through different freelancing marketplaces or sell your own designs on 99design or any other online marketplaces easily.

41. Earn money with online news portal:

By developing online news portal you can earn much money with sponsor ads and so on.

42. Rent your some web space to advertisers:

If your website has got large number of regular visitors then you can rent your some web space to advertisers and earn money.

43. Directory site:

To earn money with directory site that you have to do is – you need to develop a website where you will offer different facilities that can solve specific problem. It should be mentioned here that in your site try to offer such facilities those are searched by large number of people. And later on when visitors of your site will increase then to take more important facilities from your site, you will offer them to be a member on your site by paying money. You can earn more than $1000 per month through a directory site easily.

44. Earn money with revenue sharing sites:

If you have any experience on any particular subject and if you would like to share it with world then you can share it. Because there are many sites in online world where you are allowed to write your experiences and you can make money online through affiliate program or Google AdSense.

In order to be successful in this arena you have to gather little bit knowledge on SEO and keyword research so that you can apply those in your articles. There are many revenue sharing sites in online world like  HubPages and more many are available online ( if you search online in this regard , you will  get those sites) where you can write your experiences from anywhere and make money online.

45. Make money online by writing for other site:

If you have no any blog or website, don’ worry! Yet you can make money online by writing article for other sites. If you are able to write good quality article then you can earn $50 to $200 for per article.

46. Earn money with CPA sits:

You can earn money with CPA or cost per action sites where you will be paid after completion of particular action. Large amount of money can be earned form several CPA network sites like commission junction and other renowned CPA networks.

47. Earn money by selling photo online:

If you have enough experience on photography then you can take photography as profession. By sharing photos on different photo sharing sites you can earn much money online. In other words, whenever any of your photos will be bought by somebody then you will earn money.

48. Earn money by selling drawing and painting:

If you have hobby of collecting drawings and paintings then you can sell those online.

49. Earn money by selling Arts and Crafts:

You can sell different type of arts and crafts made by you on different sites like Etsy .

50. Earn money through stock trading:

Earning money through stock trading is not new in online world. Here you are always welcome to trade stocks, commodities and mutual funds also. To earn money through this way, you just have to open an account with a brokerage firm. And start trading. To be successful in this arena, you have to study several business journal regularly.

51. Forex trading:

Forex is such a virtual marketplace where you can trade different currencies for different currencies to make profit.  Forex trading is very popular to everybody.  Anyone can join here to trade foreign currencies form any corner of the world, but to be successful in this business you should have vast knowledge and experience about forex market.

52. Earn money by offering guest posting:

If you have a blog with large number of traffics and good DA (Domain Authority) then you will be able to make much money by offering guest posting. Here, you will get money for each posting on your site.

53. Earn money by signing up for a credit card:

Many credit card companies are available in online world which offer sign up bonus.  So, in order to earn some money online, you can also sign up for this type of credit cards.


54. Earn money by testing product and giving feedback:

There are many companies worldwide those want to get their Products tested by others. Here, company will offer you online to test their products by using and late on you have to give them feedback via email. And finally you will earn for this feedback.

55. Earn money by playing online game:

If you like to play game online then you have a chance to earn money just by playing games online and nothing else. Many game development companies want to get their games tested by others before releasing in market. Here, you will be offered only to play game online and you will be paid for playing game.

 56. Earn money by testing online beta version software:

Before releasing software or website online, most of the companies want to have it tested by others. Here, you will get offer to use any software or website and later on you have to give them report on code errors or bugs or any other error if any. And finally you will receive money for this job.

57. Earn money by converting hobby into blogging:

If you have any hobby of something then you can easily convert it into blogging. In order to know about how to make money by blogging, read the point number 2 of this article.

58. Earn money by selling insurance online:

 By selling insurance packages online on behalf of different insurance companies, you can earn lot of money from anywhere of the world.

59. Earn money by developing web services or solutions:

If you are able to develop different apps or software for internet users which can provide different web services or solutions and any of your ideas is successful then you can earn lot of money. Besides, you will get several alluring offers like initial investment from different investors.

60. Earn money with your own Ecommerce site:

The popularity of ecommerce site is increasing worldwide day by day. Nowadays many people earn money with his own ecommerce site. And it is very profitable and easy business. Anyone can do it from anywhere. I am suggesting you not to develop an ecommerce site like Amazon rather suggesting you to develop such a website where you will sell your own products only.

In order to be successful in this business that you have to do is after completion of developing your own ecommerce site, you should collect information of some products of your local area those have high demand and are not available outside of your local area easily. And then, contact with manufacturers or distributers directly so that you can buy the products at cheaper rate and sell those at higher rate online and nothing else. In this way anyone can run an ecommerce business from anywhere smoothly.

61. Earn money through real estate site:

You can make money online through real estate site. Here you just have to act as a middleman between owner of property and online visitors. When someone will rent or buy any property through your site then you will be paid money.

62. Trading on Craigslist, Quikr etc:

You can buy something from Craigslist, Quikr etc and can also sell that there. Here, you will try to buy at cheaper price and sell at higher price. However, in order to succeed in this arena, you should have some experience about buying and selling online.

63. Car or bike review portal:

At present car or bike selling website is very popular in online business world. A large number of people gather here from different parts of the world only to read reviews and to compare cars or bikes. If you are able to develop this type of website and attract lot of people then you will be able to earn huge money just from advertising.

64. Developing auto responder tools like Aweber:

If you have enough experience in developing auto responder tools like Aweber then you can earn lot of money every month by renting it to others. You should know that developing a software like Aweber is really difficult for any single person. So, to be successful in this arena you should have a skilled team.

65. Earn money by starting your own coupon site:

You can start your own coupon site like eBay and Amazon. Here you can sell coupons on behalf of merchants and earn commission online.

66. Earn money by creating online academic institution:

Nowadays, most of the people want to complete any course through online academic institution only to save time and money. For this reason the popularity of online academic institution is increasing rapidly worldwide.

At present you can create online academic institution from anywhere if you are certified. To run an online academic institution successfully here that you have to do is – to offer several courses as per requirement of students and after completion of courses you will have to give certificates to your successful students. For providing them courses and certificates you will get money as course fee.

67. Earn money by writing resume and designing cover letters:

If you are proficient in writing and designing then you can earn much money by writing resumes and designing cover letters online. Besides, you can also make some additional money if you are able to create PowerPoint presentation.

68. Earn money by downloading apps:

There are some sites like ChampCash and other android apps which allow you to download and install apps on your smart phone. If you download and install any apps from those sites and use that for a couple of days then you will be paid money.

69. Earn money by answering to the question and advising:

If you are active on different forums sites and others Q & A platforms like KGBFun Advice and Ether then you can make huge money by advising visitors and answering to the questions of visitors properly. To be successful in this arena you should have enough knowledge about which you like to advise. Otherwise you can’t solve the problems of visitors.

70. Earn money by selling domain name and hosting service:

Selling domain name and hosting service is also very profitable business in online business world. So, in order to earn much money, you can also start this business easily from any part of the world.

71. Earn money by developing payment gateway web portal:

If you have enough experience of developing web portal then you can develop payment gateway web portal like Payoneer or PayPal. And invite customers to transact their money through your payment gateway. When any customer will transact his money through your payment gateway web portal then you will receive money as transaction fee automatically.

72. Earn money through file sharing:

File sharing is the easiest way to make money online. Here you have to share files of any file sharing site with others. You can complete this action through any social media site, your blog or website and so on. There are many file sharing site in online world like Sharecash, Filefactory, Crocko,Squidoo and Speedyshare . By signing up with these file sharing sites, you can easily share different files from these sites with others and can make money online.

73. Animation:

If you are creative and have enough experience on animation then you can take animation as your career. Demand of animators is skyscraping in online world.

74. Earn money by smartphone photography:

There are some sites like Foap, IconZoomer, ClaShot and SnapWire in online world where you can sell photos taken by your smartphone.

75. Earn money by submitting ideas for name:

Some sites like Piky Domains, Naming Force and so on are available online which collect ideas for business names, domain names etc from public for their clients. If their any client picks any name then you will earn money.

76. Earn money by teaching English online:

If you are good in English then you can earn huge money by teaching English online through VIPKID . VIPKID is familiar as renowned Chinese online education firm. Through this online education firm, you can teach English from any part of the world by setting your own schedule and make money online easily.

77. Drop-shipping business:

Nowadays the popularity of Drop-shipping business   is increasing promptly worldwide. Besides, to start a Drop-shipping business, you don’t have to invest much money. For this reason, you can start this business to build up your career.

Drop-shipping is such an online a retail business where only information of products are available online .And when any cutomer places any order here then seller supplies the products to customers  after purchasing from producers or suppliers. You should know that here as a retailer you don’t have to handle the products, maintain inventory, own warehouse to store products. Through this business, sellers supply products to the customers directly from producers or suppliers on behalf of retailer as per specifications.


Actually, there are in-numerous ways of earning money in the online world those are not possible to present here in a nutshell. Yet, I have tried at my best to present most common, important and ethical ways to make money online only in this article so that you will be able to choose the right way easily. And I hope that after reading this article you can choose the right one for you to build up your future career. Thanks a lot for reading this article. If you have any query in this regard, please don’t hesitate to ask me in comment box. If you like this article, please share it on different social medias.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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